Expectance – Iris

Polish producer Expectance hits up the Digital Society Recordings imprint to launch his new release – ‘Iris’.

An eye catching label debut, ‘Iris’ is a track brimming with energy. Adding a unique twist to his productions, Expectance unearths an awe inspiring breakdown swiftly followed by pumping beats and rip roaring melodies which are full focus in yet another display of sheer class from the UK label.

Be sure not to miss the next DS-R instalment from Expectance. This is ‘Iris’!

Vince Neel Presents ‘Pandora’

Vince Neel teams up with Nastyy Records for the release of ‘Pandora’. Having caused a stir with his recent releases via his healthy social media fan base, he’s stepping things up with each new release and his latest might just be the best yet.

‘Pandora’ is built up around a unique lead that’s hard to compare to anything else, a credit to Vince, who’s made a habit out of finding and creating new sounds that haven’t already been done 1000 times – something we need a lot more of in this world! The melodies are all highly-original, full of character and offer a whole lot more depth and charm than your average preset abuser. The drops are lush and rich with sub harmonics that ripple the subs with a perfect balance of power and quality and the sporadic bursts of FX and vocal licks keep the arrangement and transitions more than interesting.

Hailing from Munich, but focused on breaking international grounds with his sonic skills – fast-rising producer and DJ Vince Neel has lived a life surrounded by DJ culture. His father was one of the most prolific Rock DJs in Bavaria and those years of his youth spent in and around music unsurprisingly rubbed off onto Vince who from an early age made it clear he planned to follow in the footsteps of his father. Trained by the renowned ‘Drummer’s Focus’ school – it was rhythm that first caught the attention of a young Vince Neel. That love of drums soon saw Vince in a love affair with dance music and it was there that he found his most impressive talent as a producer and just like his father – a DJ. Having become a popular face behind the mixer in some of Munich’s most prolific dance music spots, he’s taking his journey international to follow the success of his heavyweight releases.

Listen to Tough Love’s brand new remix of Shift K3Y ‘I Know’

Off the back of their original release ‘Dreams’ on Toolroom Records and their EP collaboration with G-house duo Amine Edge & DANCE with ‘The Perfect Love’, the fast rising London duo Tough Love are set to release their remix of Shift K3Y’s ‘I Know’ on Columbia Records on the 22nd September.

Tough Love feature on the official package for the up and coming singer/songwriter and producer/DJ Shift K3Y who enjoyed previous success with Columbia Records back in April with ‘Touch’. In typical Tough Love fashion, their remix is primed for the dance floor with a big bumpy bass line. With a speed garage-esq break down & the introduction of a house piano and Shift K3Y’s vocal chops keep the feel good vibe.

The boys who have released on a series of established international labels including Toolroom, Off, Nurvous & Dope Wax as well as running their own; Get Twisted Records, look to continue into second half 2014 with the same trajectory. With more remixes and original productions lined up and tour dates seeing them play up and down the country, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Tough Love over the coming months.

Tough Love tour dates:

13th August – The Wright Venue, Swords, County Dublin
15th August – Skye Nightclub, Dublin
16th August – Viva, Ireland
16th August – Audiowhore, London
6th September – Liquid, Basildon
6th September – Box, Southend On Sea
14th September – Ceremony, Finsbury Park
20th September – Mission, Leeds
26th September – Bump, Clacton
27th September – S2S Festival, Blackpool
29th September – Sankeys, Ibiza
31st October – Outbreak Festival, Coventry
1st November – Buddha Lounge, Romford & Magna Festival, Rotherham
12th December – Halo, Bournemouth

For more information on Tough Love, see below:






Following its announcement and still 8 weeks prior to the festival opening its gates, Ultra Japan sold out almost in an instant. Just a few months after the massive success of Ultra Korea, Japan will become the second Asian country to hold the world’s premier dance music event, taking place September 27th & 28th at Tokyo Obaiba Ultra Park. A short time ago fans were given a glimpse of the weekends festivities with a phase 1 lineup release featuring the likes of international DJ megastars including Afrojack, Axwell & Ingrosso, Kaskade and Steve Angello and more. Now less than a month to go until gates open, Ultra Japan reveals its jaw dropping phase 2 lineup!

A quick glance at the phase 2 line up release makes it clear to see that Ultra Japan is sure to rival even the best events Ultra Worldwide has previously had to offer. With newly announced names including Darren Emerson, Far East Movement, Just Be, Mark Knight, Nick Fanciulli, Pig & Dan, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and UMEK, Ultra Japan is rapidly shaping up to be one of the biggest Asian dance music events of 2014. Be sure to check out the full phase 2 lineup announcement at www.UltraJapan.com/lineup

Continuing its unstoppable expansion, Ultra Worldwide will be bringing its ultimate electronic music experience to Bangkok’s spectacular International Trade and Exhibition Center on 26th September for Road to Ultra Thailand presented by Samsung. In its very first installment and with confirmed headliners that include Alesso, Fedde Le Grand, Martin Garrix, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, W&W and a performance by Kryoman, this is sure to be a massive step forward in Ultra’s expansion into the Asian market. Tickets for this much-awaited event anticipated are sure to sell out – act now! roadtoultra.com/Thailand

My Digital Enemy ‘Shamen (Tim Cullen remix)

After hitting the No. 1 spot on the Beatport Tech House Chart back in January, My Digital Enemy’s ’Shamen’ has a brand new remix from Tim Cullen released 8th September on Vudu.

Receiving it’s premiere on Danny Howard’s BBC Radio 1 show, Tim Cullen works his magic on ‘Shamen’ keeping the key elements and adding some serious bass groove! This is set to destroy dancefloors across the world!

With their productions continually in demand, a series of releases on high profile labels such as Toolroom, X Recordings and their own Zulu & Vudu records, as well as a busy DJ schedule that sees them playing amongst others, Toolroom Knights in Ibiza, My Digital Enemy are set for great things.

YinksDjinks is ‘Awesome’

If we cast back to pre-summer 2014, YinksDjinks launched his project with the release of ‘L05er’, a superb vocal cut on Dansant that showed off his production skills and earned him a following that’s rapidly picked up with the news of his follow up ‘Awesome’. Once again with Dansant for the release – YinksDjinks returns with an intricately produced complextro number to add to his short, but quality line of releases so far. Nigerian born and now working out of the UK after a spell in Antigua, Yinks has been promoting himself on a global scale to match his own physical journey in life. It was in Antigua where Yinks made it his mission to turn predominantly Dancehall, Reggae and Calypso crowds onto the sound of EDM. He took on a challenge to turn a culture that’s fiercely proud and loyal to the music it cultivates and it’s that drive that’s made Yinks a respected figure both in Nigeria, Antigua and now in the UK and beyond.

‘Awesome’ is a fine Example of why Yinks has become a popular figure. The production quality is of a high level, the creativity is impressive and the style is his own. The mixture of styles that have clearly inspired him over his musical journey is audible in his production and judging from the praise on both his previous release and feedback from his peers on this latest project – it’s looking like Yinks will be in the driving seat of a fruitful musical career moving forward. With a classy rework from Mario Peres packaged with the release, you’ve got an alternative to the hyper original.

We get a whole lot of dance music from the same few countries in recent years, so it’s a credit to global rise of EDM that we can now enjoy music that’s flavoured with influences from every corner of the globe. Dance music is a truly global movement and with talents like YinksDjinks pushing the sounds in areas still to commercially recognise the sound of EDM – we can look forward to a bright future in the ever-growing world of dance music.

R-Wan // Last Gigs Available

R-Wan developed his passion for music during his childhood in France. He grew up with R&B and Funk music and all these influences have resulted in what he is now, an EDM performer with one goal; To make people dance and enjoy good, creative music throughout the whole world. His sets are an energy-boosting mix with a lot of creativity, experience, passion and power. Also his own first album ‘My Club’ got a golden record and R-wan won multiple awards such as The International Award of Excellent at the Barbados Music Awards.

Stash Konig Releases Debut Single ‘Brainfreeze’

Stash Konig this month unleashes his debut single release ‘Brainfreeze’ on Pop Rox Muzik. The LA based talent has been hard at work behind the scenes, honing his skills and sculpting a signature sound that’s already sparked a wide-ranging line of plaudits that are dubbing him as a serious prospect. His hard hitting and energetic production format has captured the attention of both early followers and his peers alike and now it’s time for Stash to unload his first release in what’s looking to be an exciting period ahead.

Now 24 – Stash has been a regular face in recent years in various warehouse parties where he’s traditionally been recognised as a DJ with a big reputation for pushing the limits of Electro and Progressive House with his relentless energy and love for high impact dance music. Now channelling that energy from his DJ shows into the studio – anyone familiar with Stash has been waiting with interest to hear just what he’s got in the store for his debut with Pop Rox Muzik.

The intro of ‘Brainfreeze’ instantly throws out a blissful euphoric lead that sings over the underlying bass plucks. The breakdown rises up with the filters lifted, unloading the full force of the massive lead synths. The risers are abruptly smashed out of the way by the hard-edged drop, which unloads a feisty kick drum and a staggered percussive line that carries the rhythm of the track through the main sections. The mid breakdown reintroduces the melodic synths, which sound even more tuneful after the drop’s ferocious energy is rested. The FX and risers raise the tension before we’re once again faced with Stash’s signature high-impact bass drops – the peak of the track and the driving force behind the energetic production style that he’s made his own.

It’s a big debut for Stash who’s got some serious expectations around his movements, so it’s no shock that he’s kicked off his production career with a bang. ‘Brainfreeze’ is a perfect first release for a talent with an up and coming producer who’s already got people in high places talking about his moves. It’s hard, it’s crammed full of energy and it’s produced to a level that proves beyond any doubt that Stash has been preparing his sound for some time.
‘Brainfreeze’ is out September 1st on Pop Rox Muzik.

YOUTH – ‘Tonight (Prod. Astro Zu)’

FEATURE and SLOWCOACHES Announce split ‘Tourists’ EP

Melodic drone-punk trio Feature and slack metallers Slowcoaches are set to release an exclusive six track split EP ‘Tourists’, before hitting the road on a joint UK tour on September 15th.