Australian alt-rock / indie-folk act Husky release intoxicating animated video for “GHOST”

Melbourne band Husky follow up rhythmic, driving new single “Ghost” with an intoxicating visual accompaniment. Created by award-winning Melbourne director and animator Dropbear (aka Jonathan Chong), the song’s evocative lyrics are brought to life through unique, vibrant and entertaining motion works.

The video, premiered via KCRW, came from Chong’s imagining Husky and Gideon entering a dreamlike and surreal Day of the Dead-inspired realm.
Talking on the video, Chong explains, “I wanted to do something relating to ghosts and spirits and thought that a Day of the Dead theme would tie in nicely. It’s a celebration of the departed in a way that is joyous, rather than a morbid celebration.”

“Ghost” is animated by compelling repeating patterns, as though each frame has been made from cross-stitch or a Mexican textile.

Husky Gawenda believes “this captures something important about the song. There is a sense of forward movement and excitement that hints at a hopefulness, even when surrounded by darkness.”