RL Grime – Flood

With the trap movement as hype as it is, we’d be fools to not showcase a new free track from one of it’s hottest stars. After RL Grime‘s remix of Kanye and Jay-Z‘s Mercy reached every corner of the earth, and even parts of the moon over the last few months, his name has been almost synonymous with what’s good in trap music, and we’ve been patiently waiting new material from the dude. Enter Flood, the latest from Mr. Grime, and it’s just what we’d expect from a supreme producer.

Diplo – About That Life ft. Jahan Lennon

You know Diplo. The dude is all over the place, literally and figuratively. Always one to push boundaries, be weird, and make something completely unpredictable, he just released a new single through Jeffree’s titled About That Life that he (probably jokingly) labeled as “hippiestep” on soundcloud. About That Life is new age hippie-rock, an “acid induced psychedelic gem” which is strange coming from Diplo, and features Jahan Lennon on vocals humming, la-la-la-ing, and talking about getting high and other generational stuff. You know what I mean. Check it out and download if you deem this freebie essential to your music library.

SBTRKT – Hold On (Burnski ‘Desert’ Edit)

House music is the staple of electronic music, but recently the experimentation within house music has us more excited than ever about it’s future. A throng of new and old producers are constantly pushing boundaries of format and texture, in turn creating new sounds that still hit between 118 and 126 bpm. Burnski is one of these producers who expands his house sound into realms some have called ‘groove house’ or ‘bassline house’, with the defining characteristic of this style lying inside the melody provided by the bassline. The German Burnski recently put out an awesome edit of SBTRKT‘s hit Hold On, where he keeps the chime melody and Sampha‘s vocals, but of course makes the bassline more ominous and fitting for the ‘Desert Edit’ title.

Justin Jay – The Dip (Original + Prince Club Remix)

The youngest member of the Dirtybird crew at a mere 19 years old, Justin Jay, is definitely one to keep your eyes and ears on. The dude has impeccable taste and style in a mature music sector for such a young one, and has impressed us with nearly every release we’ve heard from him. Mr. Von Stroke was smart to pick him up so quickly, and Justin has since gained the support from some big names with his tracks, including Pete Tong supporting his latest release on the Dirtybird BBQ Trax EP, Femme Fatale, as well as Pleasurekraft and Kill Frenzy supporting his latest work The Dip, which is an exclusive release through a subscription to Dirtybird’s Drip.FM.

Borgore – Turn Up (feat DJ Carnage)


Krewella “Alive” (Stafford Brothers & Jealous Much? Remix)

Australia’s number 1 DJs, the Stafford Brothers, are releasing their new stellar remix of Krewella’s hit single “Alive.”  This remix is available for free download on their Facebook page.

Kicks N Licks – Keep It Raw

Kicks N Licks hits us with a heavy dose of 808 with their latest track Keep It Raw, this shortly after their releasing their Lost Dream LP only a couple of weeks ago. It affirms everything we’ve already said about KnL before, their production game is on another level as they’re able to pump out top quality tracks at an astounding pace, and producing top quality in different genres to top it off. Keep It Raw does exactly what the title suggests, keeping the 808 hot, with pitched down vocal and signature drum patterns turning this badboy into a certified hood heater.

The Upbeats – Undertaker

Noisiasigns The Upbeats out of New Zealand to their Vision record label and as one of the most respected artists in the Drum and Bass arena, it pretty much means we have to listen to anybody that they support. The Upbeats don’t let down with their track Undertaker, which they’re releasing for free to celebrate the signing to Noisia’s label. Noisia are champions of sound design in their dnb productions, and The Upbeats take pride in this aspect as well. High energy, dark vibez fill this track like a vortex sucking in dark matter. Keep The Upbeats on your radar.

Jack Beats – Somebody To Love ft. Jesse Mills

Jack Beats returns with Somebody To Love, following up their Careless EP (mini-album) on OWSLA two months ago. Somebody To Love is the first single off of their second mini-album, due out on December 2nd of this year. If their Careless EP was any indication of what this next EP will be, it’ll most likely feature some of Jack Beats’ finest work and some great collaborations with brand name EDM artists. We’re really excited that Jack Beats is BACK, they are sounding great.

Russ Chimes – Back 2 You

The Londoner, Russ Chimes, has quite the massive tune on his hands, and I’m sure you’ll be very grateful for it’s release next week just as I will be. “Back 2 You” starts with an amazingly energetic build up into strong, driving grooves complete with great melodies and a catchy sample on top.