Vanessa Elisha & XXYYXX – ‘Good Ones Go’ (Drake Cover)

Drake is one of the hottest artists to emerge in the last 10 years and his music has been nothing short of revolutionary. With a string of remixes and covers over those years, this one by Vanessa Elisha will definitely capture your attention.

The Australian singer-songwriter has created a brooding cover of the 2011 track ‘Good Ones Go’ which is featured on Drake’s ‘Take Care’ album. The contrast between Vanessa’s sultry vocal performance and the gritty production, by long-time collaborator XXYYXX combine perfectly to create a fresh future R&B take on the track.

Funnily enough, this cover happened by accident when Vanessa found herself struggling to write in the studio one night. Given that a lot of people cover Drake’s music, she was apprehensive about releasing it, but sometimes these things happen for a reason, and certainly deserve to be heard by the masses.

“I opened up this 8-bar loop and I immediately heard the cover over it, so I just started recording it for shits and giggles. It wasn’t really meant to be anything. So many people cover Drake and I didn’t want to be corny about it, but the more I worked on it the cooler it got. This is definitely one of my favourite Drake vocal and lyrical performances,” she said.

As avid Drake fans would know, ‘Good Ones Go’ isn’t a full song; it is in fact an interlude that follows the track ‘Cameras’. The way that Vanessa has reinterpreted the interlude has made for a unique and a standout performance, separating it from the countless Drake covers out there.

Teaming up with friend XXYYXX to finesse the productions was an easy decision, and together they have created a cover that would make Drake proud.

Circus Records releases remix package for Mark The Beast’s “In Love With The Devil”

Mark The Beast returns with a jam packed collection of remixes from his stand out track from Circus Three “In Love With The Devil.” For the remix package, Circus Records brought together the talents of Eliminate, Mantis, DMVU and Des McMahon to rework and reimagine the already great track. All 4 remixers bring their own deft nuances that really define the collection as a smorgasbord of style and talent.

Cuebrick & KARRA’s new single on Enhanced

Kidd Leow ft. Cliff Brown – Lifting Me Up

The saying goes….love is a funny thing. Anymore these days it seems that love grows harder and harder to find. True love, unconditional love is an even rarer sight, but when found, it can move mountains. The truth is most of us don’t feel like we can receive that kind of love. We are haunted by our past, our failures, our reckless lifestyles. We have tossed pure love to the trash heap to be replaced with one night stands and wild flings. We have surrendered our innocence to people that just want to use us for the convenience of the moment. We have betrayed our souls for the taste of pleasure. We refuse to drink living water and choose to drink from the toilet bowl. True, pure, and unconditional love; yes, maybe that exists, but it belongs to those who have walked differently than us, people that deserve it. But……what if there was a way to start over, to have a clean slate and a new shot at this agape love?

I wrote “Lifting me up”, from the outsiders perspective. Painting the picture that in my depraved state I’m looking at a party in heaven. A place that I don’t feel like I can get to. A place where it seems I don’t belong. This is the place where real love exists. The sacrificial love that changes lives. So……I pound the door down until someone let’s me in. I would give anything to be in this unreachable place. Bang, bang, bang, I keep knocking. And then the unheard of happens, they let me in.

I hope you love the picture Kidd Leow and I paint as much as we do. We hope that this song gives you a little taste of heaven. A taste of real, pure love. We hope that you will take a little part of it wherever you go. Because we believe that is what this world needs. Sacrificial love, a love strong enough to die for others. A love strong enough to break racism, prejudices, poverty, hunger, and greed. So listen and enjoy, as we attempt to – lift you up! One love ~ Cliff Brown

Angel Heredia – Gringo Ep

The next debut on Magna Recordings is the Spanish DJ/Producer Angel Heredia. Owner of Clover Records, Angel has an extensive list of release in Labels like 1605, Matineé, Hotfingers, Pornographic Recordings, Avenue Recordings, Bedroom Rec, Dance Lab Recordings among many others.

His versatility is the key for such an extensive release list, and its well shown on his EP on Magna. “Gringo” is rhythmic Tech House track with some analog prog effects while “Look Into My Eyes” is a Techno track, with vocal effects and a progressive break, perfect for dark dance floors.

REIN announces sophomore EP FREEDOOM, releases teaser for first single

Swedish artist REIN announces new EP FREEDOM, which will be released May 19th worldwide. The moniker of Joanna Rein, REIN’s music is a mix of raw, merciless electronica and punk’s unbridled energy and attitude, with her upcoming 5-track EP acting as her strongest, most cohesive body of work to date.

FREEDOOM talks about exclusion, feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism and asks that all-important question: “are we really living in what they say is a democracy?”

“I just had enough after the US elections, the rise of the right-wing movement in Europe, the Syrian War and Brexit. Why not be open to new solutions? Why not abolish the entire system instead of going backwards? I think that it is important to at least start the debate,” says Rein.

REIN has also launched a Pledge Music campaign for the upcoming release:

“Just as much as I want my music to say something, I want you to feel it. I’m doing something that I know is lacking today”, says REIN.

Visual Artist The 25th Hr Releases New Single “Separatist” 

SONNY SIDE UP – “Doing Whatever (feat. Dezzie Gee & Alfred English)”

“Doing Whatever” has never sounded this good, but then again, not everything has Sonny Side Up collaborating with the likes of Dezzie Gee & Alfred English.

Out today on all platforms, Sonny Side Up’s new single “Doing Whatever” takes the form of a razor-sharp, Sonny & Alfred-produced electronic production, blended smoothly with observational, off-the-wall raps from Dezzie. A track for the whip, the turn-up, the weekend, the party, your Spotify meme playlist, the funeral, the wedding – you know, whatever. This one simply goes hard and is best heard at loud volumes, many times over the course of your Summer ’17.

Click through to stream on Soundcloud and grab a free download via Toneden, or peep game on your premium streaming service of choice.

Beatz Freq & KRISCHVN – Fat Bonzo (Original Mix)

Two Friends – Emily