New Music: Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek releases “Tear It All Down”, first single from upcoming EP

Californian singer-songwriter Ed Prosek releases “Tear It All Down”, the first taste of his upcoming EP Flesh & Blood (due out May). Recorded in Berlin, the artist has flipped the perspective from his previous work, with his new output yielding a much darker, heavier sound. Prosek brings together his singer songwriter roots and a more complex exploration of raw sound, instrumentation and arrangement.

Inspired, in part, by post-apocalyptic 2009 film, The Road, Tear It All Down tells a story of perseverance, but ultimately hopelessness. Borne out through both the lyrical themes and the music itself, it’s as if the very weight of the sound of the chorus is the burden of uncertainty carried by us all, and the emptiness of the verses, the stark and brutal void of the calm before the storm. The fear of the unknown is a palpable presence within the song.

Prosek’s evolution from acoustic singer songwriter to this new direction has been a natural progression through both his personal growth as an artist, and a reflection of a less certain world.

Imany Debuts Visual for “Lately” and EP “No Reason No Rhyme” via Ultra

French singer songwriter Imany just released her beautiful EP, No Reason No Rhyme out now on Ultra Music. After seeing incredible success with her song “Don’t Be So Shy” (Filatov & Karas Remix), which garnered Gold status in four countries internationally and over 12 million Shazams, making it among the top 10 Shazams of 2016, Imany is excited to share her new original music.

The five-track EP showcases Imany’s immense singing talents, as her raspy and haunting voice anchors the work, layered on top of a rhythmic quartet which serves as the group’s foundations. Each song more soulful than the last, Imany sheds light on heavy topics like coming to terms with a breaking up in “No Reason No Rhyme,” while “Lately” is a pure declaration of love. “I’m Not Sick But I’m Not Well” has hints of influences from Bob Dylan, and a new acoustic version of “Don’t Be So Shy” accompanies the acclaimed Filatov & Karas remix to round out the EP.

Blending elements of soul, folk, blues and pop, Imany has really come into her own sound and carved her own sonic niche. An intense and passionate work, Imany’s No Reason No Rhyme is the kind of empowering music the world needs right now.

Paired with the release of the EP, Imany also released a music video for her song titled “Lately,” which is part of a larger album work coming out later this year.

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Rachel K Collier shares acoustic version for new single “Paper Tiger”

Following the release of her debut self-produced EP “Words You Never Heard” in Autumn 2015 on Love & Other and follow-up Indian summer Single “Ships” in September 2016, Welsh artist and producer Rachel K Collier delivers a fierce groove and soaring vocal vibes with new driving electronic epic “Paper Tiger”, the first single to be released by Rachel in 2017.

Released through NIF Records/Kobalt on [17th March] 2017, “Paper Tiger” brings intricate vocal sound design, deep rolling bass and infectious chorus combined with powerful lyrics. The sophisticated production demonstrates Rachel’s increasing skills as an electronic producer –and combined with the silky stripped-back acoustic b-side, shows the talent and versatility of this strong and Independent Artist.

Rachel’s previous releases demonstrated her true talents as a singer, writer and producer, with significant online support as well as radio support from Annie Nightingale, Capitol Xtra, Tiësto and Oliver Heldons.


In 2016, Rachel’s technically impressive live project attracted artist support from Ableton and Arturia. Live highlights from the year included a live 1Xtra performance, London Headline shows, a Bestival performance and a four-date Italian mini tour. Starting 2017 with performances for Ableton in Berlin, Rachel will also be touring the UK in May, supported by the PRS Women Make Music Foundation, as well as live dates later in the year at Beats for Love, Loop and ADE.

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Pretty Lights compiles playlist of improvised “flips” from Live shows

Pretty Lights recently surprised fans with a playlist of funky “flips;” live cuts from his live Episodic Festival stops and west coast runs over the course of last year.

The 31-track playlist features standout improvised “flips,” a term that references a transition in Pretty Lights live sets where Derek filters out the produced track and his band of live musicians perform an off the cuff, electronic version of the song. The collection of live tracks includes versions of “Still Night,” “Yellow Bird,” “Evening Sun” and each track cites the show location where it was originally played.

“We ended up devising something we call ‘flips.” We’ll start with a produced song, and everyone has a philosophy for playing on top of the produced songs. Alvin has acoustic drums that he’ll play on top of it, and we also have drum triggers for electronic drum sounds so we can get a produced sound from the live kit. When I call a ‘flip’ everyone knows that I’m about to filter out the produced track. When the produced music disappears, the live musicians completely switch their sound to something that’s more electronic. Borahm will drop into a synth bass, Alvin will switch to an electronic kick and an electronic snare. It’s like a quick crossfade. It allows us to go from the produced track, with the band accentuating it, to a fully live band without losing something…It’s completely improvised but we’ve put a lot of time into making sure they know, stylistically, where the bounds are.” – Pretty Lights

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