Hibernate – Getting There (Gonza Rodriguez Remix)

Alpha Milk is pleased to present this take on Hibernate’s epic road journey ‘Getting There’. Gonza Rodriguez gives us a deeper beat experience, while maintaining the ‘open highway’ feel that everyone loved about the original. Also new is the addition of a driving string section — appearing midway — which pushes the track well past its original stratosphere.

Hibernate – The Monster

Hibernate’s eerie composition takes on new identities with these remixes from two talented Alpha Milk newcomers. Matt Black’s (UK) vision is pleasantly reminiscent of old school progressive, with its classic melody execution and smooth, timeless flow. Shiha (Egypt) presents a slightly more big room take, driving the tunes’ haunting vocal with a heavy, liquidy beat which seems to be going somewhere cool in a hurry.

Hibernate – Necessary Fluids

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Hibernate takes a turn toward experimental realms with this fusion of minimal, progressive, electro and tekno. A clinic on doing a lot with a little, Necessary Fluids is as trippy and fun as the liquid which inspired it.

Hibernate – In Silence

Voila, an extremely versatile remix package of Hibernate’s ‘In Silence’. With genres ranging from progressive house pop-prog to progressive trance – and even an EDM mix from Alpha Milk’s official cinematographer, Jordon F. – this package truly has something for everyone. This release also marks the addition of veteran DJ/Producer Kenneth Thomas to the Alpha Milk family, who’s massive progressive trance take escalates the release into the big room zone.