Rene Ablaze – Carpe Noctum

Rene Ablaze continues his fruitful association with Always Alive Recordings into 2017 with a stunning new production, ‘Carpe Noctum’.

Ever-so slightly toning down the label’s recent spate of euphoric releases, ‘Carpe Noctum’ brings a tough, bassline lead production to the label’s impressive start to 2017. Propelled by a darting lead melody, gritty bass and techy plucks, ‘Carpe Noctum’ is another exquisite Rene Ablaze production seamlessly fitting in Always Alive’s catalogue.

Daniel Kandi vs. Witness45 – Yangtze River

Daniel Kandi’s prolific output continues in another mind-blowing collaboration, this time with Witness45, get ready for an immensely emotive journey in ‘Yangtze River’.

Bringing a healthy dose of nostalgic Trance touches, rhythm and synths to the fore, ‘Yangtze River’ sees Daniel Kandi’s beloved style matched with Witness45’s unique chord-play to form a powerful, building Trancer filled with exacting atmospherics and dynamic bass.

Daniel Kandi gets Always Alive Recordings’ 2017 up-to speed with another superb collab ‘Yangtze River’.

Seawayz & Sollito – Forever

Seawayz & Sollito make an epic comeback to Always Alive Recordings to kickstart the label’s 2017 with the stunning ‘Forever’.

Becoming increasingly well-known thanks to a prolific 2016, Seawayz & Sollito’s intricate Progressive style delivers another bonafide emotive hit in ‘Forever’. Full of lush, flowing atmospherics and delicate chord play, ‘Forever’ culminates as a delightfully fresh introduction to the year from the Russian duo.

Always Alive Recordings enters 2017 with the outstanding ‘Forever’ from Seawayz & Sollito.

Suncatcher & Exolight – Memory Of You

Suncatcher returns to Always Alive Recordings with the help of debutant Exolight in an inspiring new uplifter ‘Memory Of You’.

Full of Suncatcher’s trademark melodic prowess, atmospherics and energy ‘Memory Of You’ sees two impressive talents combine in a classic-tinged production with a stand-out melody that ties up the label’s stellar 2016.

With a beautiful undercurrent, encompassing atmosphere, Suncatcher returns to Always Alive in a stunning new collaboration with Exolight ‘Memory Of You’.

Edelways & Zinou – New World

Hot from a number of recent releases on the label, Russian Edelways returns alongside newcomer to the label Zinou in an elegant, uplifting production ‘New World’.

Incorporating a taut, twisted lead around smooth atmospherics, ‘New World’ bridges the lines between airy uplifting and rolling Progressive. Edelways’ prominence as a talented melodic maestro shines through whilst Zinou adds a gritty undertone to round out a welcome addition to Always Alive Recordings’ catalogue.

First Sight & Fright Nite – Warp Velocity

Polish producer First Sight returns to Always Alive Recordings in a beautifully crafted new production alongside Fright Nite entitled ‘Warp Velocity’.

Bringing a sweeping dose of intoxicating uplifting vibes, ‘Warp Velocity’ introduces an eloquent, rising journey through rippling chords, synth stabs and risers to complete a delectable piece of Trance slotting perfectly into the Always Alive Recordings catalogue.

Welcoming First Sight back to the label alongside newcomer Fright Nite – this is ‘Warp Velocity’.

Daniel Kandi & Miroslav Vrlik – You & Me

Having recently released his seventh Original under Always Alive Recordings, Miroslav Vrlik prepares to unleash his latest production with none other than label boss Daniel Kandi.

Miroslav brings his typically delicate, melodic style whilst Daniel’s uplifting touches are instantly recognisable, ‘You & Me’ is an elegant number full of rippling piano chords, rolling, rhythmic bass and crisp FX bringing together two of the scene’s most consistent talents.

Perfectly suited to the reflective Autumnal mood, Daniel Kandi & Miroslav Vrlik team up for a label tour-de-force in ‘You & Me’.

Taival vs. Symon & Jay – Aava

Taival brings his well-liked style back to Always Alive Recordings in a fresh production alongside label-newcomers Symon & Jay entitled ‘Aava’.

With a host of impressive releases on the label already Taival returns with an exquisitely melodic entry whilst introducing Symon & Jay to the label’s faithful in an overall stunning release ‘Aava’. Built around an evocative breakdown, ‘Aava’ further builds on Always Alive Recordings uplifting mantra with a modern-edged production brimming with building synths, rolling bass and haunting vocal chops.

Bursting with energy in time for the Winter months, Taival brings Symon & Jay to the label with the stellar collab ‘Aava’.

Andre Visior – Spirits

Returning to Always Alive Recordings, German Andre Visior delivers another sublime euphoric production in ‘Spirits’.

As is becoming customary for Andre Visior releases, ‘Spirits’ serves up an exquisite journey through searching synth leads, tingling FX and lush, consuming atmospherics.

Breathing a relaxing, warm breath of uplifting vibes into the Fall season, Andre Visior returns with the superb ‘Spirits’.

Rene Ablaze & Ian Buff – Stonecold

Rene Ablaze returns to Always Alive Recordings alongside Ian Buff in the immaculately produced ‘Stonecold’.

Rough & ready, ‘Stonecold’ brings a tougher edge to Always Alive in a euphoric, building production exploring the techier side of Trance whilst throwing in uplifting elements to form a brilliantly complete peak timer.

Adding to his Always Alive catalogue, Rene Ablaze impresses once again whilst introducing Ian Buff’s to the label – this is ‘Stonecold’.