Touch The Sky – Big Room

Touch the sky is a quality Vocal, Big Room, Progressive House single release by Italian EDM producer Andrea Infinity. Touch The Sky features a beautiful female vocal layered with powerful lead melodies and tons of dance club high energy drums beats. If you are looking for this year’s stand out club banger release, then be sure to pick up a copy at your favorite online store. Release by ShiftAxis Records.

WildOnes feat. David Julien – Nobody But You

WildOnes & David Julien’s follow-up vocal hit to ‘You Dancing’ saw the Russian / British team-up deliver another exquisite hit which saw huge radio, DJ and charting success – deciding to open the release up to the public for Remixes, Enhanced, WildOnes & David Julien painstakingly wittled over 400 entries down to two stand-out winners; Lucas Andero & Adil Pinar & Ruhde whose exceptional entries feature alongside two other versions in the ‘Nobody But You’ Remixes…

Swedish duo Lucas Andero & Adil Pinar stole the Remix competition show with a superbly layered Big Room production, expertly extracting the emotive drive from David Julien’s voice and building on WildOnes’ melodic foundations.

Next up WildOnes’ own recommended artists Digital Grass delivered a crisp, synth-lead Remix bringing Big Room energy to the table whilst stripping ‘Nobody But You’ down to its emotional simplicity.

Remix competition runner-up Ruhde stood out thanks to an inventive, broken-beat remix once again drawing on David Julien’s impeccable voice whilst introducing vocal chops, tight pads and acoustic elements to form an brilliantly forward-thinking entry.

Tying off the Remixes, Ariel & Danilo team up with Mateusz to introduce a cavernous Trance rework to bring the ‘Nobody But You’ Remixes to a close – One of WildOnes & David Julien’s best-loved productions comes back to life with a sublime helping of forward-thinking Remixes…

Mountain In September – Big Room

Mountain In September is a beautiful Vocal, Big Room, Progressive House masterpiece by Italian EDM producer Andrea Infinity. If you are looking for the perfect track with high energy, rolling melodies combined with thoughtful vocals then this is the perfect track for your next playlist! Release by ShiftAxis Records.

Mazv x Marcus & Valero – Ignition

Mazv x Marcus & Valero has now released their first single on Hypnoz Records. The track, ‘Ignition’ is a golden Big Room hit that is great for any peak time DJ set. The track has a huge euphoric breakdown and a drop full of energy. With this track, you can be sure to send any club or festival into a state of madness. ‘Ignition’ has already reached number 41 on Beatport’s Big room top 100 list, make sure to check it out!

Mutiny unleashes ‘Within The Fire’

Israeli DJ and producer Mutiny has certainly become one of his native country’s fastest rising talents, thanks to his catalogue of infectious records. His status is well deserved you just have to look at the list of A-List stars that have thrown their support behind the multitalented artist – JETFIRE , Rivero and TRIPL.

Next to be added to Mutiny’s ever-growing record collection is ‘Within The Fire’, a Big Room thriller that is sure to be a festival hit. Full of razor sharp synths, driving basslines and heavy beats, ‘Within The Fire’ has been grabbing the attentions of many music heads around the globe, making it a must have inclusion in your record collection. ‘Within The Fire’ is out now via Noise Control, a sub label of Peak Hour Music so make sure you grab your copy now before it flies off the shelves.

The Wave – Big Room – Electro House

The Wave is a strong original mix and radio edit, two track, Big Room, Electro House single release from Polish EDM producer living in Ireland, LUC ONE. If you are looking for something with powerful melodies and a strong, energetic drop then this is the perfect track for you! Released by ShiftAxis Records.

Alan Walker – Faded (Hardwell Remix)

Rico & Rich – Drop It

Hailing from Amsterdam, Rico & Rich kick off their 2016 release schedule with ‘Drop It’, the highly anticipated single that is out now on emerging record label Hypnoz Records.

Childhood friends Michael Rico and Mick Rich, the duo behind the Rico & Rich moniker, began their musical journey from a young age; playing piano, drums and guitar before turning their attention to producing electronic music and DJing. Mixing their prior musical knowledge with their education in sound engineering, the pair have been creating some of Amsterdam’s biggest and most energetic Big Room records. The first result from their well-oiled machine comes in the form of ‘Drop It’.

With Winter Music Conference just around the corner, ‘Drop It’ is a record that is sure to cause an uproar at this year’s event. Armed with a huge euphoric breakdown, progressive supersaw chords, hard-hitting drums and a drop full of energy and power, ‘Drop It’ is sure to send any club or festival wild when unleashed. It is the perfect example of a peak time hit, showcasing Rico & Rich’s unique production skills in the process.

Snapped up by Hypnoz Records, ‘Drop It’ see’s Rico & Rich join the London based label’s impressive roster alongside emerging talents such as: Diracle and Chita. You can grab ‘Drop It’ now exclusively on Beatport, and help set the Rico & Rich project higher up the EDM ladder.

Rico & Rich Announce Drop It

Rico & Rich kick start 2016 with the release of their first ever single on emerging record label Hypnoz Records – an energetic Big Room hit that will be hitting the shelves on the 14th of March, 2016.

Hailing from Amsterdam, Rico & Rich consists of childhood friends Michael Rico and Mick Rich. From an early age they began playing piano, drums and guitar before turning their attention to producing electronic music and DJing. Now that the duo have completed their education in sound engineering they have been busy in the studio creating Big Room and Progressive House beats, resulting in the form of ‘Drop It’.

‘Drop It’ is a golden record that is perfect for any peak time DJ set. A huge euphoric breakdown with Progressive supersaw chords and a drop full of energy and power, ‘Drop It’ is sure to send any club or festival into a state of chaos. It brilliantly demonstrates Rico & Rich’s unique production skills and shows why they are one of the Netherlands fastest rising stars.

Newly formed London based label Hypnoz Records were quick to sign ‘Drop It’ and it will be the label’s very first release. This Big Room Electro banger will be officially available on the 14th of March 2016.

Nuri – ‘Alive’, ‘Explode’, ‘Destiny’ & ‘Hurricane’

Nairobi based DJ and producer Nuri is on fire this year, putting his name on a consistent stream of top-notch projects. Having started his career with an outstanding debut single ‘Blue Lagoon’, he follow-up with a string of remarkable releases such as: ‘Right Back’, ‘India’ and ‘Reasons’ and ‘Passion’, piling up extensive support and multiple Beatport chart placements.

Aside from keeping busy with new releases and dedicating himself to his growing weekly radio show ‘Horizon’, Nuri is also putting his name on a regular series of free tracks, which are being very well received from week to week. During the past few months he’s put his signature on many freebie wonders like: ‘Summer’, ‘Twist’, ‘Drop That Bass’, ‘Transform’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Wild Life’ and ‘Lean On Remix’. Nuri is now back to form with new, stellar free downloads, this time releasing: ‘Alive’, ‘Explode’, ‘Destiny’ and ‘Hurricane’, showcasing his wide range of different sounds and influences.

First up is the Progressive House and EDM inspired ‘Alive’ – boasting dreamy melodies and punchy grooves. This track melds together smooth acoustic instrumentals with mesmerising electronic bursts and highly processed rhythmic vocals. On the other hand, ‘Explode’ explores Nuri’s Big Room and Electro House flavours, offering pumping beats and massive distorted drops, which create a perfect contrast with smoother melodic build-ups.

Next up is ‘Destiny’, resorting once more to Nuri’s Progressive House side. This single offers mellower melodies featuring Jovana’s angelic voice, before unleashing powerful EDM style drops which are sure to fire-up dance floors. Nuri’s latest free download is called ‘Hurricane’ – another Big Room and Electro House infused banger. ‘Hurricane’ displays infectious beats and epic melodies which are then transformed into speaker-bursting, heavy drops, creating an amazing blend of vibes.

Nuri’s freshest free tracks are certainly a continuation of his high quality release series. Nuri is surely cooking up many more exhilarating free releases, but in the meantime you can download and enjoy his newest ones: ‘Alive’, ‘Explode’, ‘Destiny’ and ‘Hurricane’.