DVBBS’ 30min interview w/ AOL (music w/ NERVO, Cody Simpson, etc)

DVBBS Releases New Music on “Beautiful Disaster EP”

DVBBS’s genre-blurring “Beautiful Disaster” EP (ft. Juicy J)

Dirace – Black Water

Daniel Rodríguez González, aka Dirace is an EDM producer from Spain who developed a passion for music at a very young age. He finds his inspiration from artists like DVBBS, Borgeus, Borgore, Tchami, Martin Garrix.

Earlier this year, Dirace released ‘Alchemy’ on label Hypnoz Records, and now he has released a new banger hit called ‘Black water’, also under Hypnoz. This track is extremely energetic and great for any peaktime DJ set. The very powerful drop is only one of the reasons that Black water will be able to make any club or festival go insane. We are sure this track is set out to be an even bigger success than ‘Alchemy’.

DVBBS release music video for their latest release ‘Ur On My Mind’

DVBBS – 24K (Original Mix)

Hardwell – On Air 251 – 22.01.2016

DVBBS – Always (Gorilla Bass Remix)

The Music Is In Me – Kommon Interests (Original Mix)

Boulder, Colorado producer Kristofer Artz a.k.a. Kommon Interests presents his new single “The Music Is In Me”, out now on San Antonio, TX label 2Kobras. Artz has shared stages with Dada Life, Bingo Players, DVBBS, The M Machine, Kill Paris, HeRobust, Revolvr, Reid Speed, Minnesota, G-Jones, Late Night Radio, K Theory, Singularity, TYR, Bones, Seth Abrumz and AViVA. Kommon Interests released his first album In The Moment in 2013 via Beatport. “The Music Is In Me” is a single from his new album Catalyst For Conversation. Regarding the title and theme, Kommon Interests says “I want to get people communicating about controversial things that are happening here on earth due to human activity. Everything humanity does is a catalyst for conversation and that’s what these tracks aim to do, start a conversation, I wanted to make music that was danceable but would also make people think about things in life around them and this world.’The Music Is In Me’ is about how the music is in me and it is in you too, and with that coursing through our bodies we connect with the sounds that we are hearing at that moment in time.”

Chuckie – Dirty Dutch Radio 100 – 21.04.2015