DROELOE – In Time feat. Belle Doron

Illuminertia Releases Akasha EP 

Bay Area based psydub producer and multi-instrumentalist Illuminertia releases his newest EP Akasha, a downtempo and ambient trip hop album. Upon listening to this stunning EP you’ll enter a sensual world of electronic meets organic instrumentation. The arrangements are comprised of organic beats, symphonic layerings and soaring female vocals. It’s a highly danceable poly-rhythmic creation that will take you on an enchanted inspiring adventure with roots in global grooves, break beats, chill trap and divine orchestral arrangements. If you’re looking for an uplifting next level musical experience then this is it.

Adip Kiyoi – Overdrive / Heiwa

Adip Kiyoi heralds from Indonesia and delivers 2 superb productions to the Create Strobe label.

Debuted in Lange & Andy Moor’s Stadium4 set at the mighty Dreamstate Festival, ‘Overdrive’ achieves the holy grail of melody and danceability. The first drop delivers the cheekiest of basslines, and a constant arpeggio drives the track to its blissful breakdown. The chords and gentle melody get under your skin and the lift is incredible as it leaps towards it’s euphoric drop.

‘Heiwa’ is a darker, more menacing experience. That is until the breakdown, where again Adip manages to lift you with impressive layers of chords and melody. The power-drop is once again tinged with menace, before a final reprise of melody.

This EP is arguably Adip’s strongest to date and captures the essence of what Create Strobe is all about; energy, power, and beauty.

Anderson announces ‘And There I Was EP’ on Jango X

With over a decade’s worth of experience in the music industry under his belt David Stephens, better known as Anderson, has become one of the scene’s most respected industry professionals. The multitalented musician, who’s record collection includes hits such as: ‘Foreign Feathers’, ‘Downfall’, ‘Resilient’, ‘Shift Control’, ‘Nocturne’, ‘Domain’ and ‘Tralia’, has been snapped up by impressive imprints like Elektrified Music, Urban Latin Records and Mayer’s Records and amassed support from A-List stars worldwide – momentous achievements for any calibre of producer.

Next to be churned out of his home studio and added to his ever-expanding release catalogue is ‘And There I Was EP’, a two-track Tech House EP that contains the tracks ‘Slipstream’ and ‘Reflux’. Full of groovy percussion, deep bass-lines and bouncing beats, ‘And There I Was EP’ is a must have inclusion in any DJ’s record box. It is due for release on the 11th January via Jango Music sub-label Jango X so make sure you pencil the date into your diary!

Owkey – Know Myself (feat. Ashdown)

Listen To Rising Atlanta Rapper Nessly’s 9 Track ‘Solo Boy Band’ EP

Mario Conte & Fabio Spzz – 8 Years

A heartfelt tribute to and reflection of his upbringing in music, Jackson Whalan unleashes the Souled Out EP, out now on Adapted Records. Drawing on contributions from Jackson’s own childhood friends and numerous talented contemporaries from The Berkshires, Souled Out explores a lush array of hip-hop sounds, not only through Jackson’s multiple-flow lyricism, but with toasty-warm live instrumentation and arrangement. The result is a listening experience that bears full start-to-finish attention on a fine sound system – a fine departure into a side of hip-hop unique to Jackson Whalan.

Woolymammoth’s “Nova Jaunt” Is Unlike Anything You’ve Heard Before

12th Planet, Virtual Riot, & Twine – Gully Squad

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