ONE LOVE – Kidd Leow & Strizzo ft. Fatman Scoop

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Love overpowers hate, ascrazy as it may seem in this heavy social media climate it’s a proven fact.That is the driving force to Kidd Leow & Strizzo’s “ONE LOVE”featuring Fatman Scoop. No matter what your political stance or religiousbeliefs the one thing that brings us together is LOVE

R-Wan & Friends Festival Pack !

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R-Wan is a French DJ and producer globally known in the electronic music scene with tracks such as ‘What The F*ck’ ft. Fatman Scoop and ‘Turnt Up’ ft. Snoop Dogg. His unstoppable ambition has lead him to go get awarded as #1 open-format DJ 2013 on Dj List and hitting Top 10 positions on Beatport. Currently at #121 position on this year’s Top DJs Mag 2016, teamed up with Dj Chuckie results into a peak-time dancefloor smasher ‘High’ Touring with more than 150 headline shows this year, R-Wan welcomes you to be a part of his journey!

Jillionaire, Fuse ODG & Fatman Scoop – Sunrise

On his latest record, Jillionaire reunites with Fuse ODG—the Ghanaian MC who brought his Afro Pop flare to “Light It Up,” the hit single from Major Lazer’s third album, Peace Is The Mission. For good measure, the addition of crowd-motivating ad-libs by Fatman Scoop emphasizes the song’s wide-reaching appeal, from mainstream radio to festival main stages. “I was in London, and met with Fatman Scoop at his studio. He mentioned he wanted to work with Fuse. I hit Fuse, and he came through,” recounts Jillionaire about the recording session. “All vocals were tracked that night. We were all in one place and that rarely happens,” adds Jillionaire. The pairing of Fatman Scoop’s commanding vocals with Fuse ODG’s rousing melodies is also a subtle homage to “Lose Control,” Scoop’s Grammy Award-winning single.

The release of “Sunrise” in 2017 marks another benchmark for Jillionaire and Feel Up Records. The label he founded in Brooklyn, NY celebrates its third anniversary this March. “Sunrise” is Jillionaire’s follow up release to last year’s “Television,” which featured the “The Viking of Soca” Bunji Garlin, and Queens-based producer Richie Beretta.

Rigan DJ & Producer Makree puts his spin on Bluey ‘U Sure Do’ feat. Soulest

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As premiered by We Rave You, 21 year old Latvian DJ and producer Makree steps up for remix duties on ‘U Sure Do’ feat. Soulest.

Transforming the original release with a steady wave of high hats and production elements, the Rigan mastermind focuses solely on the records electronic capabilities, before paving way to the tracks infectious vocals.

Makree was an obvious choice when it came to remixing the powerful rework of the 90’s Strike classic. After releasing his debut single ‘Cloud’, aged just 19 years old, Makree gained radio support from the likes of Capital Xtra & Ministry of Sound. He’s since worked with the soulful house legend Max’C on his own original release ‘Thank You’, and has a forthcoming track with Secondcity titled ‘Never Been In Love’ on the horizon.

‘U Sure Do’ comes at a time where nostalgia is key. Paired with the infectious record, the official video is set on homegrown turf and tells the tale of a lovesick couple who go through the notions of every relationship. Through the highs and lows, they are brought together by the sounds of Bluey – highlighting the deep connection between love and music.

About Bluey
Born and raised in London, Bluey is no stranger to the dance music industry. Over the years he has played at world-renowned clubs including Ministry Of Sound & Fabric, building his reputation as a DJ as well as a producer. Having fine-tuned his sound, Bluey has teamed up with the likes of Fuse ODG, Fatman Scoop, Ben Verse (Pendulum) & Christina Milian on tour and across productions, as well as travelling the globe as a warm up act for Akon.

Big Ali I Lil Jon I R-Wan – Like A Boss (Original Mix)

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R-Wan just unleashed a brand new star-studded track, introducing ‘Like a Boss’ featuring none others than French rapper Big Ali and EDM’s rap voice Lil Jon. The combo of 3 is a guarantee of attention but also a great billing for any club and festival. Furthermore, this track adds a mark to R-Wan’s incredible 2016 in addition to his recently-launched Booty Bounce label and new music alongside with Chuckie, Snoop Dogg, Fatman Scoop and MC Stik-E.

SOLANO teams up with Landis for ‘Trouble’

New DJWS x Fatman Scoop

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You know that feeling you get when you walk up in the club and no one can tell you a damn thing? That’s the feeling DJ White Shadow (DJWS) and Fatman Scoop bring to “WaFfLe,” a track dedicated to the finer things in life — primarily, showing up, f*cking sh*t up, and leaving.

Out today on Beatport (coming to iTunes + Spotify on October 23), “WaFfLe” features DJWS-led production that exudes the best of modern G-House sounds with a tribal rhythm that has the track floating between hip-hop vibes and energized house grooves. Scoop’s appearance on the track acts as the perfect hype-builder, his voice building to his signature booming volume as the tune progresses.

Dedicated to the lifestyle of having a good time, “WaFfLe” embodies the philosophy of DJWS and Life On Planes to a T, and there’s never been a better time to get familiar with the crew and brand — Life On Planes is soaring dead ahead into 2016 with a gang of hot collaborations and tracks on deck that are not to be missed.

Disco Fries Ft. Fatman Scoop ‘Volume’

Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings welcomes Disco Fries and Fatman Scoop to the family with the announcement that their brand new record ‘Volume’ is now available via the emblematic Dutch imprint.

Breakthrough artists Disco Fries are currently riding a wave of burgeoning international success as their signature fusion of dynamic pop and big-room electro sets them apart from the archetypal electronic dance template. Blending trademark progressive basslines with classical and refined melodies, the North American duo are championing a sound that looks to become the veritable next big thing. Accompanying them on ‘Volume’ is internationally acclaimed hypeman, chart topper and multi Grammy award-winning Fatman Scoop, whose track ‘Be Faithful’ helped him soar to prominence in the early 2000s. Having collaborated with Skrillex, Bob Sinclar, Missy Elliott and the legendary Mariah Carey, the presence of Scoop on ‘Volume’ is undeniable.

First premiered on Protocol Radio, ‘Volume’ successfully caps off an enormous festival season for Protocol Recordings’ head honcho Nicky Romero and proves the label’s undying commitment to quality. With a euphoric rising synth-line, ‘Volume’ successfully combines punchy percussion and driving melody to form a symbiotic whole brought together by Fatman Scoop’s iconic and raw top line. The result is an exhilarating progressive electro-house track that electrifies as much as it beguiles.

Disco Fries have enjoyed tremendous success as an electronic music outfit, with their work on constant radio rotation and their production skills earning them support from the likes of Nicky Romero, Tiesto, Hardwell, Kaskade and Steve Aoki. The collaboration with Fatman Scoop comes at the perfect time, blending the worldwide hip hop icon’s vocal with their up-to-date composition, proving their ability to adapt to the ever-changing dance music landscape. Fatman Scoop’s ubiquitous ‘Be Faithful’ in 2003 set the benchmark for high-energy, club-ready hip-hop. Now the American is looking to position himself at the forefront of the electronic game and has made great strides with ‘Volume.’ Alongside curating such hits, Scoop has currently been causing a stir as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother UK, winning over public opinion and giving his fans an inside look at the man behind the music.

Be sure to keep all eyes and ears tuned to the sound of ‘Volume’ as both Disco Fries and Fatman Scoop deliver their biggest and loudest hit to date.

R-Wan Feat Snoop Dogg – Turnt Up (Trap Edit)

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Currently spinning at the most important clubs around the world, R-Wan continues spreading his talent through his collaborations with globally renowned artists and powerful performances. After receiving a golden record with his first album ‘My Club’, R-Wan keeps on developing his sound with successful tracks such as ‘What The F*ck’ featuring radio guru Fatman Scoop, that reached #8 on Beatport’s Top 100, and his latest hit ‘Turnt Up’ along with hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, that was supported by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Chuckie, Fatman Scoop himself, MAKJ, Thomas Gold, Sick Individuals, GLOWINTHEDARK, WolfPack and many more!

R-Wan’s latest hit ‘Turnt Up’ in collaboration with none other than Snoop Dogg gets a trap treatment and teases up the soon-to-be revealed remix package of ‘Turnt Up’. Stay tuned to LightState Music’s social channels for more info!

May 16th – Mtsapere – Mayotte
May 22nd – Noumea – Nouvelle Caledonie
May 23rd – Noumea – Nouvelle Caledonie
May 29th – L’isle Adam – France
May 30th – Coignieres – France
Jun 05th – Marrakesh – Morocco
Jun 06th – Clermont Ferrand – France
Jun 11th – L’isle Adam – France
Jun 12th – Open
Jun 13th – Aix en provence – France
Jun 19th – Open (Asia Only)
Jun 20th – Phuket – Thailand
Jun 26th – Taipei – Taiwan
Jun 27th – Taichung – Taiwan
Jul 03rd – Open
Jul 04th – Metz – France
Jul 10th – Porticcio – France
Jul 11th – Open