Felix Kröcher Remixes Frankyeffe – Crazy Man ­ Out Now On Riot Recordings

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Longstanding German techno icon Felix Kröcher is back again with ‘Catena’ EP, a club-orientated composition once again proving Felix as a master of his craft. Out now on the Italian-based Deeperfect Records, ‘Catena’ EP is available to purchase via all digital retailers.

The A-side ‘Catena’ is a departure from Felix’s usual style and proves his ability to adapt whilst maintaining his output of hi-definition soundscapes. The track itself is a restrained and classy affair, with resonating sub bass kept aloft by driving percussion. With each sound and frequency occupying its own space, Felix has created a polished and unquestionably refined end product. Armed with an undeniable groove, ‘Catena’ is yet another demonstration of Felix’s effortless aptitude for remaining in sync with his audience, both as a DJ and a producer. With a gradual, syncopated build punctuated by an ethereal arpeggiated lead, Felix has successfully created a track for both home and dance floor.

In true Felix Kröcher style, the German maestro takes us on a dynamic, electrifying journey with B-side ‘Stars’. Complementing the subtleties of the A-side, Kröcher channels a more animated tech-house sound with ‘Stars’. Swelling pads and an echoing vocal track smoothly embed into the listener’s consciousness whilst the 4/4 kick keeps tempo. Open hi-hats and accomplished percussion carry the track and supplement the euphoric release of tension as the track ebbs and flows. Rolling seamlessly between builds and breaks, ‘Stars’ takes the listener on an uplifting and vitalizing musical journey. An ode to Felix’s talent, ‘Stars’ will undoubtedly see a huge amount of airtime in clubs around the world.

Fellow German-born producer, Wigbert has taken up remix duties on ‘Catena,’ successfully injecting his sophisticated and minimal style whilst staying true to the emotion of the original. Italian DJ Umberto Pagliaroli joins the EP with his remix of ‘Stars’, a deep tech-house affair with tribal percussion and a definitive groove. With each remix providing a new dimension, Felix’s ‘Catena’ EP will appeal to both veteran and fledging techno aficionados.

A true icon of German techno, Felix’s impeccable productions have gained him a fervent and loyal fan base around the world. Felix’s longstanding weekly radio show on Sunshine Live and his stellar performances at some of the best venues and festivals across the world mean his already global support base is ever increasing.


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Following his outstanding releases on Toolroom and Metodiq earlier this month, German techno cornerstone Felix Kröcher is back again with ‘You Don’t Know But’ on Amsterdam-based Consumed Music. Another masterclass in techno production and an expertly balanced track, ‘You Don’t Know But’ is available now via all digital retailers.

As Felix maintains the pace of his stellar output, ‘You Don’t Know But’ serves as yet another sonic illustration of the German’s unquestionable grasp of techno. As a truly relentless energy-driven composition, Felix successfully meshes the hypnotic vocal refrain, expertly crafted kick, and precise, swelling pads into a captivating, big-room club cut. The punchy and measured percussion denotes an irrepressible energy, complemented by perfectly poised claps and a melodic mid-section that takes greater prominence as the track progresses. Impeccably executed and discernibly refined, the track is invigorating throughout as the four-to-the-floor drumbeat consistently punches through the pulsating bass.

As a true symbol for German techno, Felix Kröcher’s sterling reputation has helped him gain a dedicated and loyal fan base around the world. As Felix continues to draw a large following from his mid-weekly Sunshine Live Radio show and through his performances around the world, his status as an esteemed member of the German techno scene is only cemented further.

The package also features remixes from Consumed label head-honcho A++, Dutch producer Lolla Tek, veteran Richie Santana & tech-house mastermind Tony Dee and is now available worldwide on Consumed Music.


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German techno stalwart Felix Kröcher is back on Toolroom Records with his stunning new track ‘You Gotta.’ The track serves as one of several brand new tracks on Toolroom Records’ Amsterdam 2015 Compilation, out now on via all digital retailers.

The German producer is also making his debut on Spanish Techno label Metodiq, with his classy remix of Mr. Bizz’s ‘Faun,’ out now via all digital retailers.

Fresh off the back of his track ‘It’s Alright’ on the Toolroom affiliated Rhythm Distrikt 11 compilation, Felix has once again proved his ability to provide consistent, state-of-the-art productions. Showing recent flexibility with a more tech-house orientated remix of Alle Farben’s ‘Get High’ earlier in the year, Felix now takes the listener back to his techno roots with ‘You Gotta.’ Released as part of a stellar 40-track compilation including tracks from luminaries Technasia & Green Velvet, Maceo Plex, Julian Jeweil and Pete Tong & Monkman amongst others, Felix is in great company and deservedly so.

With a heavy driving kick carrying the track, classic techno percussion and closed hi hats denote a superior groove. Felix’s advanced production technique shines through with spacious pads and pulsing sub bass laying the foundation for the building, percussive tension. The track breaks down to the sound of a decisive female vocal as it pierces through the arrangement and entrances the listener. A perfectly executed piece of techno destined for the dance floor, ‘You Gotta’ is another example of Felix’s deep and well-founded connection to the techno genre.

Likewise, Felix’s remix of Italian duo Mr. Bizz’s ‘Faun’ proves a relentless, energy-driven composition. The remix is a truly compelling cut of warehouse techno, deep yet proving emotive as it breaks down to a momentary silence before exploding back into the sophisticated groove. As the percussive elements progressively build the tension one can only admire the production talent at the heart of the track. Built to be played in a thundering peak time slot, Felix’s remix is one that will sit well with newcomers to the genre and techno purists alike.

A long-standing icon of German techno, Felix Kröcher has played at the most highly respected festivals in the world and continues to host his own highly influential radio show on Sunshine Live in Germany. With his sets around the world achieving legendary status and his world-class productions gaining him an avid fan base, Felix is on an upwards trajectory and shows no signs of stopping.