Simon On The Moon releases new single ‘What Am I To You?’

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The one man boy band Simon On The Moon has released his new single ‘What Am I To You?’ Following the fruitful reception of his debut single ‘Hooked,’ earlier this year.

Blurring the lines between R&B, electronic pop and old-school funk, the Swedish breakthrough artist has focused his latest single on alluring vocals with a resonating past. Simon flaunts his production capabilities with a clean, fresh and modern approach. A haunting drone at the beginning of the track before breaking into a funk-fuelled chorus of drums, guitar and vocals demonstrates the singer-songwriter’s gifted talent.

Speaking on the track Simon said – “I wrote this song a while ago with some mates, lyrically it’s a classic heartbreak song, just me being sad about some stuff I went through, but still shedding new light on an old topic I think. When I listened to it this morning I thought it would be funny if people called it emo-funk. I wanna be the king of emo-funk!”
Simon discovered his path into production after playing in different bands and DJing in local hip-hop clubs in his hometown. He noticed the musical elements he most enjoyed were similar, but across different shapes and genres. Following the debut ‘Hooked’ (now available to stream on Spotify) two full length EP’s are on course on an already efficacious year.

Kidd Leow ft. Cliff Brown – Lifting Me Up

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The saying goes….love is a funny thing. Anymore these days it seems that love grows harder and harder to find. True love, unconditional love is an even rarer sight, but when found, it can move mountains. The truth is most of us don’t feel like we can receive that kind of love. We are haunted by our past, our failures, our reckless lifestyles. We have tossed pure love to the trash heap to be replaced with one night stands and wild flings. We have surrendered our innocence to people that just want to use us for the convenience of the moment. We have betrayed our souls for the taste of pleasure. We refuse to drink living water and choose to drink from the toilet bowl. True, pure, and unconditional love; yes, maybe that exists, but it belongs to those who have walked differently than us, people that deserve it. But……what if there was a way to start over, to have a clean slate and a new shot at this agape love?

I wrote “Lifting me up”, from the outsiders perspective. Painting the picture that in my depraved state I’m looking at a party in heaven. A place that I don’t feel like I can get to. A place where it seems I don’t belong. This is the place where real love exists. The sacrificial love that changes lives. So……I pound the door down until someone let’s me in. I would give anything to be in this unreachable place. Bang, bang, bang, I keep knocking. And then the unheard of happens, they let me in.

I hope you love the picture Kidd Leow and I paint as much as we do. We hope that this song gives you a little taste of heaven. A taste of real, pure love. We hope that you will take a little part of it wherever you go. Because we believe that is what this world needs. Sacrificial love, a love strong enough to die for others. A love strong enough to break racism, prejudices, poverty, hunger, and greed. So listen and enjoy, as we attempt to – lift you up! One love ~ Cliff Brown

Model 86 – Fake Life Jackets

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Ma5k – Memories Sunshine

Memories Sunshine is a single release of the song ‘Memories Sunshine’ written, composed and performed by Ma5k. It includes a second version of the song (cute edit), for extended pleasure. It is a love song about relationships and the way we remember things. It was originally designed in 2008 and was intended as a joke and a way for the artist to make closure on his past. A pumped version was created in 2010 and was meant to be released but the Artist’s fate decided otherwise.

The chorus is the typical ‘honey love crap’ we feel when we dig someone, then the verses tell an almost different story. To be fair I (the artist) intended to make it very contrasted, with the chorus spamming ‘love love love’ and the verses making you think ‘wait… what a crazy bitch’ but, nowadays when I listen to it, I realise i just described a standard modern relationship.

Also, English not being my (the artists) native language, the writting of the song is probably cheap and kitsch to an Anglo-Saxon ear, wich I thought was a funny thing that contributed to the ironic tone of the song.

The song is highly influenced by the 80’s pop culture, and even though it’s less relevant today, than it was in 2010 when the 80’s renewal was still a thing, its overall energy and the chords rock and I (the artist) still believe it will resonate into a lot of people. Wich is why I’ve decided to release it today, even though it might be late. And also because this one song has been close to my heart since I’ve made it.

“DAFI feat. Mr Shammi – Island in the Sun”

An island is normally reached by plane or ship. If you hear some shouts in the intro of the new Darius & Finlay single – like „ship ahoi“ or „yeah, we gonna sail away“, it seems the guys will be ready for the sea to catch an island in the sun. But there are some other ships in the world, too….. which one? See the video!

Beside the awesome musical co-operation with Mr. Shammi, Darius & Finlay prove that they have a good portion of humor. You can see the big joy Darius & Finlay had, when they shot their scenes.

Far from naked ass & boobs stereotypes, the guys fight their way through the video very brave. What could be better to hear this catchy tune, during watching crazy & funny stuff made by the guys.

The Chainsmokers Drop “Don’t Let Me Down” Music Video ft. Daya

Ashdown & Dooqu – Set The Pace

Eric Sharp Feat. Gavin Turek – Love Can’t Wait

Complex Premieres Sketch McGuiney x Sean Price x Ras Kass “World War Z” Music Video

Virginia rapper Sketch McGuiney comes through today with the video for “World War Z,” his tough as nails collaboration alongside veteran West Coast representative Ras Kass and the late Sean Price. The Jay Gregory-directed video matches the grittiness of the track, with all three MCs spittin’ razor sharp bars over the Team Demo backdrop.

“My crew and I literally grew up on Boot Camp Clik and so to turn around and work with Sean was a dream come true,” Sketch told us over email. “At the shoot Sean took notice that my Air Tech Challenge 2’s were OGs and so we chopped it up about them being our favorite kicks. He was the most chill, funny, and down-to-earth artist I’ve ever worked with.”

“World War Z” is available for purchase on iTunes and will be featured on Sketch’s upcoming album due out in May.

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