Santé & Toni Varga team up with Sidney Charles and Dale Howard for elrow’s latest release.

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July is here, heat is hitting strongly and elrow Music wants to continue its firm line of releases with this 108th offering. This time, the new delivery comes in the hands of a fresh and unseen pair: Germay’s Santé and elrow’s beloved resident, Toni Varga.

The ‘In Time’ EP is a four-tracker with two original takes by the new production duo and two remixes, by Sydney Charles and Dale Howard, respectively.

The EP opens with In Time (Original Mix), a track in which the duo starts with a strong yet loose percussion, that gives it a character of its own, to continue with a combination of a firm vocal line with a truly outstanding and playful set of sound FX, that will make the crowds go crazy with it, making this tune perfect for peak times on the dancefloor.

The In Time remix comes in the hands of Sydney Charles, who tightens the percussion, gives the track a different progression and bathes it with a techier vibe which effectively alters the original mindset of the track, making it more physical and percussive.

Then we have Sub Bass System (Original Mix), in which Santé & Toni Varga use a stronger and more techno-like percussion, along a vocal line that sings the tracks title, and starts becoming more progressive and deep by the half of it, incorporating different sets of sound FX and synth lines, giving a more atmospheric feel.

This time, Sub Bass System remix is delivered by Dale Howard, whose interpretation is a true masterpiece, giving it a deeper feel totally infused with Ibizas vibe, a cleaner and steadier percussion set, with a groovier feel to it, beside the way he manages to play with the vocal line, making the remix perfect for any time on the dancefloor. Crowds are going to love any of the tracks in this EP, which demonstrates both sides of elrow Music’s signature sound, completing an amazing ERM108 reference.

All in all, elrow Music continues its sound journey, strengthening its position and reputation as one of the finest labels in the current tech-house scene.

Vlada D’Shake unveils ‘Mesmerising’ on Bonzai Progressive

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Serbian DJ and producer Vlada D’Shake returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb four-tracker entitled ‘Mesmerising’. His debut for Bonzai was back in 2015 with ‘Friday Night’ and since then he has shown up on guest mix duties on our ‘Bonzai Basik Beats’ radio show among other things. Since 2011 this guy has been churning out top quality cuts on various labels including Balkan Connection, Juicebox Music, Mistique Music and Stripped Digital to name just a few. His tracks are regularly picked up and featured in the sets of some of the world’s best-known jocks. This is a testament to the quality and style this guy offers and judging by his already extensive discography, it’s no real surprise. With four tracks on offer here we’re treated to some tasty moments that are sure to rip up the floors at any venue. Nice to have him back once more and we hope to see more in the future.

First up we have the solid progressive grooves of ‘Mesmerising’ with its tight drum arrangement that simply does not let up while cool vocals are littered throughout. An array of quirky sounds line up to deliver intricate patterns while a deep-rooted bassline dominates the lower end. A leftfield approach to the progressive sound that will not disappoint.

‘Good Times’ intros with a buzzing bass sound to the backdrop of closed hi hats and chunky kick drums that get us firmly on the way to the floor. Cool percussions form up to deliver a rhythmic groove alongside a deep probing bassline. Fading, echoing synths create a surreal vibe in the sound as a cacophony of spoken vocals fill the spectrum. Tougher synth stabs make an appearance giving the track an edge and making it a must have for the late night sessions.

‘Gekon’ sets out with a distinctly cosmic vibe right from the off thanks to some very nice synth work and creative FX. A punchy kick drum is leading the way here and is joined by a subtle, probing bassline that lurks on the low end menacingly. Sweeping pads create a cool atmosphere as spoken vocals add character to the sound. A haunting vibe washes over the track while retaining a dancefloor appeal. A superb slice that is not to be missed.

‘Shell Shock’ rounds up the superb pack and does so in style. In keeping with Vlada D’Shake’s creative thinking, this one also carries a distinct progressive vibe that will certainly grab a lot of attention. The track is a solid one full of tight beats and a serious grooving bassline alongside shuffling percussions that make up a fine flowing rhythm. The break throws up hypnotic pads and cool synths while that powerful bassline continues to dominate. Get this one in your sets, the perfect floor fodder.

Historus drops ‘Spray Me’ on Bonzai Progressive

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Historus makes the switch from Green Martian over to Bonzai Progressive with the superb ‘Spray Me’. We last saw him over on GM with ‘Glass Rose’, which gained great support back in June 2016. A DJ, producer and musician he started his career as a rhythm guitarist in a Hard Rock band. For several years, he was looking for new sounds and he was inspired by the deep sound of Techno music. Sometime later, he switched to a deeper-sounding music, such as Tech House and Deep House. He has released quality tracks on various labels including Baroque, Hydrogen, Bavaria Recordings and System Recordings to name just a few. In 2008 he had started his own label – Historus, which gave an opportunity for little-known musicians to exercise their creativity. For a few years he was a resident in several clubs and internet radio podcasts. Currently, his company is engaged in dance projects, producing and organization. Nice to have him on our flagship imprint and we hope to see more soon.

‘Spray Me’ gets right into a Tech fuelled groove right from the off as pumping kick drums and shuffling hats settles into a smooth rhythmic flow. Cool FX and rising pads join in as a bubbling bassline comes though. The track flows effortlessly as a myriad of percussions and FX blend together beautifully creating a serious mover for the floors. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

‘41 Miles’ delivers a superb Tech House groove to get the party rocking. Punchy kick drums and crispy hi hats get us started and are soon joined by rhythmic percussions. The big hitter here though is that dominant bassline that carries a deep sub level groove that will give the bass bins a rattle no doubt. The break throws up some cool synth play alongside rising pads creating a surreal vibe before we slam right back into full on mode. This one will not disappoint.

Daun Giventi returns with the brilliant ‘Memories EP’

American producer Daun Giventi continues his relentless rise through the Trance ranks with a brand new 2-track EP showcasing the California-native’s exceptional Progressive style in ‘Echodrome / Memories’.

Kicking off with ‘Echodrome’, Daun Giventi displays a more melodic touch to his productions with a record that exhibits Daun’s more emotive sound with big synths leading a production full of Daun’s trademark tough bass whilst incorporating more uplifting tones thanks to sweeping atmospherics and delicate FX.

Reverting back to familiar territory for the final track ‘Memories’, Daun’s trademark intricate sound delivers a seamlessly flowing piece of Progressive bliss. Full of Daun’s beloved, uplifting touches and FX additions, ‘Memories’ ties off his return to Enhanced Progressive perfectly.

Proving once again he’s a producer to look out for, Daun Giventi arrives back on Enhanced Progressive with a punch in ‘Echodrome / Memories’.

Woodes – ‘Rise’ (Litche Remix) [an incredible rework of a gorgeous song]  

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There’s always a first for everything, but when mutual respect between artists eventuates into something concrete and to be shared with the masses, you know it’s special.

Newcastle producer Litche, aka Sam Litchfield, aka one-half of Luunes, has released a remix of golden girl Woodes’ track ‘Rise’ off her debut EP Bonfire.

“Elle (Woodes) reached out to me just after the release of her Debut EP asking me if I’d like to do a remix of her third single ‘Rise’. We connected a few months earlier over the Internet, out of appreciation for each other’s music. I was stoked that I was asked to do the remix because I was a big fan of her music and ‘Rise’ was easily my favourite song from the EP.” Litche said.

The original track offers whimsical and soft cushy sounds, and while Litche highlights them, he definitely brings in dark clashing glitches, with some clever production work.

“I started to mess around with some crunchy and weird audio files I found in my sample library. I also recorded some sounds from my acoustic drum kit at home, which I then turned into a series of percussion loops and FX which I felt fit the mood perfectly. I then had a lot of fun picking a part all of the vocal parts and rearranging them. It all just seemed to come together pretty quickly,” he said.

While the remix sounds like it should feature in a psycho thriller film, the ebbs and flows of light and dark dissonance are what enable the build to shine. This dark lullaby only took two afternoons to piece together but understanding the emotional content meant the direction was clear.

“Being the first remix I had ever done meant I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I ended up second guessing it for months. But, I felt a lot of emotion in the lyrics and general vibe which really helped me know exactly which direction I would take with the remix,” he said.

“I met Sam (Litche) before my first show in Newcastle after being a fan of his work on soundcloud. We had coffee and then went for a quick drive to the boardwalk on the beach before doors opened at the venue. We talked about what we were working on and met in the middle with a lot of influences. When I first heard an edit of this remix I was blown away. Saved it for when I got home and then sat listening to it with my headphones on and my eyes shut. I love when a remix can reshuffle pieces to form something that stands on its own. I can hear the care and time that’s gone into crafting it and it’s really refreshing.” – Woodes

Element Six brings his unique sound back with ‘Together’ (Supported by W&W, Blasterjaxx & more)

Enhanced Progressive welcome back Element Six to the label with a fresh delivery of the US-based artist’s invigorating Progressive Trance style in ‘Together’.

Reintroducing his ear for lush Progressive chords and crunching, techy FX, ‘Together’ brings Element Six’s rolling sound back onto Enhanced Progressive in emphatic style with an expansive, seamlessly produced slice of uplifting Progressive goodness.

Ascendants – “Timekeeper” & New Mix

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Florida-based house music duo Ascendants has released their latest track “Timekeeper” through PUZL Records. The duo wrote the track after a night out in the dark and gritty streets of Osaka Japan where the views of the 16th-century shogun castle left them feeling as if they were transported to this different time. “Timekeeper” uses a triple bassline and a deep, warbly sound which transports its listeners back to this earlier time. It does so by creating an eerie yet ethereal sound feeling through its uses of FX, percussive beat, and numerous pitch changes. The echoed vocals remind the listener that time is seemingly fleeting.

“Timekeeper” is now available as a Spotify exclusive.

Last week Ascendants also released a new mix through imprint The Los Angeles Music Project, also known as LAMP, sister company to PUZL Records.

Gai Barone takes on the legendary Push record ‘Universal Nation’

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Next up in Bonzai Progressive’s series of remixed classics, celebrating their 25th year is a contemporary take on one of their most recognisable anthems from back in the day. Progressive maestro Gai Barone takes the driving seat on this one as he delves deep into the anatomy of ‘Universal Nation’, penned in 1998 by a stalwart of Belgian trance – Push. From the very first play out, this one became an instant classic with its soaring synths, chugging bassline, swirling melodies and driving beats. It quickly gained a massive worldwide following as it spearheaded a burgeoning scene creating a multitude of hands in the air moments for the masses. Overwhelmed by the response, Push aka M.I.K.E. soon found himself travelling the world and playing out in front of thousands, both as a DJ and using a live band set-up. The track also spawned a plethora of remixes from a wide range of artists including Ferry Corsten and Oliver Lieb among others. In 2016, ‘Universal Nation’ was voted number 1 on Studio Brussel’s The Greatest Switch Top 100 tracks which, stands as a testament to the high regard this track and its creator is held among music lovers.
will not disappoint.

Over the last number of years one name has been synonymous with deep, melodic Progressive grooves – Gai Barone. He delivers pure quality with everything he touches and is very much revered by his peers as an inspirational figure. He is no stranger to Bonzai Progressive, he’s contributed several tracks and remixes that have gained great support and he continues to lead the way with his tight production skills and creativity. The perfect choice for this one we think. On the remix Gai takes us on a sublime journey with his alternative take on this classic. Right from the off we find ourselves drawn in as surreal, swirling pads and FX create a scattered texture. Chunky kick drums soon follow and a super tight drum arrangement keeps the rhythm flowing. Vocals from the original masterpiece are on display as well as extended vocal snippets from the original source. In comes that classic melody that fades into existence to the backdrop of a solid, driving bassline that captivates the mind. The break is simply sublime as Gai takes the tempo down before rising back into full on mode. An absolute stomping remix that will definitely become a firm favourite among many.

Noise Zoo Namibia / FlareNoise Zoo’s huge new EP ‘Namibia / Flare’ has arrived

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Noise Zoo return to Enhanced Progressive with an exceptional 2-track EP ‘Namibia / Flare’ which has already peaked the attention of scene heavyweights Above & Beyond…

Kicking off with the African-flavoured ‘Namibia’, Noise Zoo build on their growing status within Progressive Trance with another sublime, melodic number. Chock-full of smooth growling bass, lush chords and Noise Zoo’s trademark energy & atmosphere, ‘Namibia’ opens the duo’s outing on the label in 2017 with a gleaming start.

Following up with ‘Flare’, Noise Zoo deliver a perfect rounding to a stunning EP entry in their Enhanced account. ‘Flare’ delivers a stand-out Noise Zoo production with rolling bass, rising soundscapes and delicate FX touches, towing the line between rough & ready Trancer and divine uplifter effortlessly.

We warmly welcome Noise Zoo back onto the label with the brilliant ‘Namibia / Flare’ EP.

Matan Caspi makes his Bonzai Progressive comeback with ‘Luxurized’

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Matan Caspi returns to Bonzai Progressive with ‘Luxurised’, which comes backed up with two tasty remixes?that are sure to set the Progressive world alight. Matan’s last outing here, ‘Distant Muse’ proved popular as did his remix for Iga Deep’s ‘Indigo’. We’re always blown away by this guys sound and you can put this one up there with some of his best work. Much more to come from Matan so stay tuned.

Right from the off on the Original Mix we’re faced with a solid Progger thanks to chunky kick drums and a round of bright crispy hi hats and tight percussions. A deep rumbling bass casts a deep shadow over the sound, creating a vortex of subsonic grooves. Expertly crafted FX and perfectly placed synths add strength to the groove as gritty pads fade in. Put of the bass soaked sound comes some fantastic vocals that add character to the track making this a definite must have for any progressive set.

Electronic music icon Rolf Elmer aka Jam El Mar is back at Bonzai Progressive and is up first on remix duties. Unless you’ve been locked away for over 25 years, you’ll know this guy’s history and how he was responsible for a plethora of classic material, but these days he is still hard at work looking for his next groove and forming it into an energetically charged track. Recently he showcased his talents on a special remix celebrating Bonzai’s 25 years as a record label, his take on Cherry Moon Trax’s ‘The House Of House’ became an instant hit among many and verified his legendary status. Here Rolf takes us deep into his world where we find big punchy kick drums and a reverberating bass alongside superbly tweaked vocals. We are treated to flashes of instruments in many forms that build up cool textured layers while the main focus of the track goes to the hypnotic stabbing synth that rises up on the break and for the duration. Top-notch stuff once again from this guy, not to be missed.

Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra return to Bonzai Progressive on the remix after their debut album ‘Mission’ back in late Summer 2016 grabbed a lot of attention. Gabriel and Ricardo are definitely a perfectly matched studio partnership, they’ve been cutting tracks together for a couple of years and they always deliver the goods. They’ve developed a unique sound that mesmerises and draws the crowd into their groove, proving just how in sync they are. This is manifested more so when they are DJing as?a duo, bringing their brand to the floors and ensuring good times for all. Great to see them back once again and hopefully we’ll see more in the future. The guys deliver a real solid slice of deep progressive grooves with their remix. Right from the off we’re locked in as chunky kicks lead the way alongside shuffling hi hats and tight percussions. Surreal sounds evolve within the track creating a multi-layered groove that is focused on the deep subby basses. Softly sung vocals appear adding some very cool contrasts while a myriad of FX and synths build up. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.