GUNSHIP release new ‘BLACK EDITION’ vinyl + share video for new track “ LIONFACE – No Hope State (GUNSHIP Remix)”

GUNSHIP join forces with LIONFACE to create a MUSIC VIDEO for this exclusive track.

GUNSHIP is a neon soaked, late night, sonic getaway drive, dripping with luscious analogue synthesizers, cinematic vocals and cyberpunk values, exploding from the front cover of a dusty plastic VHS case which has lain forgotten since 1984. Today GUNSHIP release their new “Black Edition” Vinyl. The record features an exclusive track – GUNSHIP’s remix of Lionface’s “No Hope State”. Lionface & GUNSHIP have collaborated with renowned retro video director SILVER STRAIN to create a music video for this exclusive track – also released today.

GUNSHIP Presents the ‘Black Edition’ Vinyl. A 12″ Double Gatefold 2x 180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl Featuring Matt Black Sleeve With Neon Pink Metallic Foil. In true GUNSHIP style, the interior artwork – created by renowned cinematic concept artist Florian de Gesincourt, depicts a Mad Max esque truck loaded with relics of nostalgia from the finest cinema the 1980s had to offer.

A few words from GUNSHIP : “The moment we heard the door-kicking-in-intensity of Kat’s voice belting out the incredible melodies and lyrics in this song we knew we had to remix it. “What if John Carpenter wrote an emotional 80’s power ballad?” was our working brief. We used vintage synths and drum machines to evoke a genuine sense of the golden age of cinema – but all credit to Kat – she wrote a real face melter here!”

From the director SILVER STRAIN: 60 TONS OF TURBO-CHARGED STEEL, DEATH AND FURY! “No Hope State is an homage to the numerous Road Warrior rip-offs of the 80s, 2-D animation, Heavy Metal magazine and the cinema of Carpenter, Argento & Leone. An allegorical take on the dismantling of the healthcare system, dressed as a post apocalyptic music video with a fragmented revenge narrative.”
“My biggest influence is and always has been John Carpenter. After Prince of Darkness and They Live, it was announced that Carpenter would direct a movie called Pincushion, featuring a badass female protagonist battling mutants and marauders in her souped-up all-terrain vehicle, while transporting the cure for a deadly plague through the post-apocalyptic wasteland. My teenage mind was reeling with anticipation at seeing a PA flick directed and scored by my favorite filmmaker. Sharon Stone was supposed to be the lead. She was then replaced by Cher, who reportedly had Carpenter fired from the project. It remains unfilmed to this day. While working on No Hope State, Pincushion (or what Pincushion might have been like) was always in the back of my mind.”

Written, Directed, Animated & Edited by SILVER STRAIN
Starring KAT MARSH as The Stranger
Make up by Penelope Gwen – popular MUA and influencer
Featuring TRISTAN ROMAIN as The Locust of the East & Death Cult Road Warrior CATO as The Women of New Hope
Original Score by DAN HAIGH (GUNSHIP) – Intro and Outro score.
Green Screen Footage (Kat) Filmed by GUNSHIP.

A few words from LIONFACE (Kat Marsh): “No Hope State was the first ballad I’d written for my Lionface project and it’s a love song to the National Health Service. It’s also a rallying cry against it’s destruction. I think a lot of people are angry about the sneaky privatisation and the extreme cuts to services in recent years. It’s such a precious thing, we’re so lucky to have it and it needs to be protected.”

Kat on the Gunship version: “My connection with Gunship actually started with Martin Grech. We were working at the same studio and he ended up recording guitars on my ‘Battle’ EP. He spoke about his involvement on the Gunship album and how great they were and introduced us. They ended up creating much more than a remix, it’s a full on re-imagining of the song. It’s become the definitive version for me!”