Le Shuuk Gets Malevolent With Crowd Crushing “Evil”

Le Shuuk returns to Kannibalen Records with his dark new single “Evil.” The track is the musical embodiment of the dangers of fooling around with ancient spells. Le Shuuk raised something wicked in this composition, which partners depraved basslines with synths that sound more like cries for help than music samples. “Evil” will make crowds dance as Le Shuuk brings listeners to the underworld and back.

TAI & Le Shuuk – Unicorn

AND THEN HIS D!#% FELL OFF – Listen to the most provocative electro you’ll hear this Halloween season

The land of Kannibalen is a place full of intriguing characters and tall tales. One in particular that stands out, “Unicorn,” is being told by the bards TAI and Le Shuuk. The high-energy tale recounts the story of a man who is looking for a special way to get over his lady issues. From a tavern, to a magical island where the enchanted beast lives and back, they take us on a wild ride that just might make your extremities fall off.

“Unicorn” will ravage main-stages everywhere, and cause destruction to underground parties that let the beast run wild. You will laugh, cry, and most of all, dance when “Unicorn” is unleashed onto congregations.