Ferry Corsten – Corsten’s Countdown 444 – 30.12.2015

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Markus Schulz presents Dakota “Cathedral (Montreal)”

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From the bright lights and uplifting emotion of the Los Angeles tribute “Avalon,” Markus Schulz travels north of the border to conclude quarter three of his 2015 city series presentation. A city defined by its afterhours culture, and a venue he himself describes as the Cathedral – Stereo in Montreal. Stereo has been fortunate enough to experience multiple monumental open-to-close sets.

“Cathedral” marks the first official release for Markus under his pseudonym Dakota for over a year. In many aspects, it’s a throwback to his earliest compositions under the name, habitually appearing on famed Bedrock and Yoshitoshi labels.

As the largest city in Québec, Montreal is a remarkably diverse cityscape in which classic European architecture meets contemporary design. At the heart of the city lies the dramatic Notre-Dame Basilica. Hypnotic and infectious, “Cathedral” is the perfect catalyst for those of you who push the boundaries beyond the club’s peak hours, much like the jetsetting producer’s open to close sets. Press play and get ready to lose yourself.

Stay tuned for more ‘City Series’ release announcements and information on Markus’ upcoming tour dates, both solo and as New World Punx (w/ Ferry Corsten)

Ferry Corsten – Ferry’s Fix – September 2015

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Markus Schulz “Avalon (Los Angeles)”

The City of Angels has played an intrinsic role throughout Markus Schulz‘s storied career, and as part of his 2015 City Series production project, this relationship was a certainty to be honored. And with “Avalon,” it’s upheld in beautiful fashion.

The open to close experience that Markus Schulz has now become famous for made a recent stop at Avalon nightclub on August 8th. The highly anticipated sold-out show, spun solely by Schulz for 12 hours straight, lends ambiance to his latest tribute.

“Avalon” is spine-tingling trance at its very best, with a melody which will sweep you away…and its impact will reach far beyond Southern California.

Stay tuned for more ‘City Series’ release announcements and information on Markus’ upcoming tour dates, both solo and as New World Punx (w/ Ferry Corsten).

Ferry Corsten (Gouryella) – Anahera

Ferry Corsten – Ferrys Fix – April 2015

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Markus Schulz – Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2015 (Miami, FL) – 29.03.2015

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In January 2015, Markus Schulz transported us to South Beach’s ‘Bayfront (Miami)’. For February’s monthly instalment of Schulz’s ambitious ‘City Series’ concept, he teams up with Tom Boxer to descend upon a city rich in art, architecture, and culture. This time, the Romanian capital of Bucharest is under focus, with its track titled ‘Bine F?cut’, which translates to ‘well done’.

As one of the phoenix cities of the dance music industry, ‘Bine F?cut (Bucharest)’ explores its deep historical heritage. Teaming up with well-respected Romanian producer, Tom Boxer, the single combines an interestingly brooding melody with sinister basslines for maximum dancefloor effect.

For the past eight years Markus has created a mix compilation and dedicated it to one city that inspired him that year. Switching things up in 2015, Markus’ ‘City Series’ sees the American release a new track each month, paying homage to a city he’ll be playing at during that month. Schulz will be recording elements of the live show and utilizing sounds of the venue to complete the forthcoming compilation titled ‘Markus Schulz – World Tour 2015′.

Stay tuned for more ‘City Series’ release announcements and information on Markus’ upcoming tour dates, both solo and as New World Punx.

Markus Schulz’ new monthly release project “City Series”

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It was an incredible 2014 for Markus Schulz who once again proved that he’s one of the most versatile and busiest artists in dance music today. From the release of his acclaimed Scream 2 album and subsequent bus tour, mainstage festival performances around the world (he had his own stage at Tomorrowland), residency at Amnesia Ibiza, his acclaimed Global DJ Broadcast Radio Show, marathon open to close DJ sets and countless releases under his various aliases this two-time America’s Best DJ winner does not rest. Oh, and he’s one half of the acclaimed duo New World Punx (with Ferry Corsten) who were just announced as performers at Coachella 2015.

As we step into 2015 Markus Schulz is up for yet another challenge. For the past eight years Markus has created a mix compilation and dedicated it to a city that inspired him that year. The last one he released was Buenos Aires 13. Rather than do another compilation based on one city, in 2015, Markus is introducing his “City Series.” Each month he’ll release a track and dedicate it to a city that he’ll be playing at that month. He will record elements of the live show and utilize sounds of the venue to complete the compilation titled
Markus Schulz– World Tour 2015.

The first release in the “City Series” is entitled “Bayfront (Miami).” Home of the legendary Club Space, the epic Ultra Music Festival and the ever-moving Groove Cruise, Markus’ contributions to all three institutions is vast. “Bayfront (Miami)” drives in the monster truck lane of trance; focused on the tougher side of the genre. it’s easy to see this one going off right before Markus takes you down the rabbit hole during one of his extended sets. That’s Markus’ Miami.

“When examining the cities which have impacted my body of work throughout the years, you have to consider your day-to-day surroundings and the reason why you call a particular place home. Had it not been for my days as a weekly resident at Club Space, I would never have had the privilege of displaying my talents on an international basis. When I learned that I would be welcoming 2015 at Space with a signature open to close solo set, it was only appropriate to commence this project by paying tribute to my home turf. Bayfront is not just a track dedicated to the club, but will play a pivotal role in my appearances at the Groove Cruise in January, and the Ultra Music Festival in March. Unifying these elements is something I hope the Miami natives will enjoy,” Schulz says.

Be on the look out for more “City Series” release announcements and information on Markus’ upcoming tour dates, both solo and as New World Punx (w/ Ferry Corsten).

Markus Schulz North American Tour Dates:
January 29 – Groove Cruise – Miami, FL (New World Punx)
March 20 – Ruby Skye – San Francisco, CA (Open to close set)
April 11 – Coachella – Indio, CA (New World Punx)
April 18 – Coachella – Indio, CA (New World Punx)
+ More to be announced soon


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Markus Schulz’s beautiful remix of 30 Seconds To Mars’ ‘City of Angels’ – a masterful edit that has captured the hearts of so many over the past few months – is finally available to own, via Coldharbour Recordings.

With countless solo sets in Los Angeles to his name, and even a compilation release in honour of the city, Markus Schulz was the natural choice when it came to remixing 30 Seconds To Mars’ seminal track. Proving once again why he is one of the most highly revered artists in the scene today, Schulz’s rework demonstrates an innate affinity with the original, capturing his own, as well as lead singer Jared Leto’s personal love affair with the city. With Leto’s mesmerizing vocals comprising the focal point of the track, Markus deftly layers uplifting synths, punchy bass and hefty kick drums to create a highly emotive masterpiece, perfectly translating the original into a piece that has strongly resonated amongst fans worldwide.

Los Angeles – aka the City of Angels – is not the only spot with a special place in Markus’ heart. The trance luminary has set his sights on another spiritual home, dance music mecca Ibiza, as he prepares for his first solo residency and biggest season on the White Isle to date. Kicking off this Sunday 6th July, Markus will bring his critically acclaimed ‘Scream 2’ tour to Amnesia’s main room for eight consecutive weeks. Enlisting a host of incredible DJ talent such as Cedric Gervais, Vicetone, Paul Oakenfold and Cosmic Gate to join him, a guest appearance from Ferry Corsten for one of two special New World Punx performances on the island and a now legendary 7-hour set from the boss himself, this is certainly not one to be missed.