White Cliffs Teams Up With IRL Music To Release Stunning New Single, “Twiddle”

A Deep House Paradise ;-)

This NYC native has a diverse taste to choose from in the world’s melting pot of music, New York City of course. He has had all variables readily within his sights and in our ears from the start. DJ Sam Allan has an affinity for music that has revolutionized over the years. It wasn’t until 1999 where he was introduced to ”Electronic Dance Music” when he ventured into NYC where that particular venue had International DJ’s play every Friday night, now If music just so happens to be knowledge to you , you may already be aware of what the infamous venue was called it was ”Twilo.” Twilo had the most intense energy in it’s atmosphere he had ever experienced.Twilo’s playground of music were graced with DJ’S Paul Van Dyk and Sasha & Digweed .This fueled his desire to start DJing in Bay ridge, Brooklyn 1999 , Club Lelo.The scene at Twilo was so electrifying that he couldn’t shake it’s infectious vibe, this inspired him to purchase his first set of Technic turntables. With a strong determination to generate music that exudes high power energy in combination with melodic feel good beats, prepared with all of his much needed musical ammunition he was now well on his way.

Inspired by many creative DJ musical masters, noting that the most influential throughout his journey is Paul Van Dyk. ”He is not just playing tracks he is mixing /creating new music, playing instruments , all the while ignites a musical build up of beats all on the fly.” S.A. He has also played alongside other familiar International Dj’s such as, Bob Sinclar, The “Scum Frog”, Activa (Discovery), Jus Jack (Sony), Tristan Garner and many more to come in the future, if you want to hear music that is rare and has a feel good vibe than you very well may want to follow him, his music,and zest for life that he put forth into his tracks & gigs and producing music as well.

argonaut&wasp – Ha! Fiction EP [debut ep from NYC crew]

After the recent release of their latest single ‘Loser Like You’, Brooklyn-based dance rock crew argonaut&wasp are set to release their new EP ‘Ha! Fiction’.

Ha! Fiction’ is a colourful, imaginative EP born out of change, struggle and big ideas. Having relocated to New York City a year ago, the move meant a bigger workspace, more rent and a new perspective on music.
“This transition brought changes greater than we could of predicted…the sight and sounds of NYC changed our perspective on music, why we do it and how we listen to it. This EP is a reaction to all of that. And as we scramble to make sense of it, we realise it’s just what we make it.” – argonaut&wasp
Throughout the EP there are clear nods to greats like Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, The Clash and Daft Punk, as the band takes the listener on a imaginative, lyrical journey. Their disco-infused single ‘Loser Like You’ is a taste of an EP that is guaranteed to be a whirlwind musical journey, free flowing with funk-driven guitars, quirky vocals and thoughtful lyrics.
Opening track ‘Paisley’ features a sun-kissed bass-line paired with fun, care-free lyrics that call for dancing. It’s an introductory track that perfectly encapsulates the band’s musical style — gooey and groove-filled sounds given weight by lyrics inspired by big changes and growing pains – and sets the pace for what’s yet to come.

argonaut&wasp – Ha! Fiction EP [debut ep from NYC crew]

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