Klahr drops eclectic debut Axtone EP, ‘Dreaming Wild’



June 16-18, 2017
Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival has many reasons to be called the most unique festival on the planet, having garnered that title in one form or another by several news outlets around the world.

And it’s not hard to see why. With extreme side events including the world’s only party inside a glacier (the second biggest in Europe, no less), the chance to adventure around some of the country’s spectacular scenery just a stone’s throw from the festival site, and a 2017 lineup featuring the likes of Foo Fighters, The Prodigy, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Chaka Khan, Seth Troxler, Kerri Chandler, Richard Ashcroft and many more, guests are well catered to.

But for foreigners making the trek to Reykjavík for Secret Solstice, it’s definitely the fabled “Midnight Sun” that has generated the most palpable sense of wonder. Due to Iceland’s close proximity to the Arctic, the sun never sets during the summer solstice weekend when the festival is held, meaning guests experience never-ending daylight for the entirety of the event.

Much of Secret Solstice’s acclaim has been as a result of their utilization of the natural Icelandic setting as is the case with their unique side events, though most would be surprised it goes far beyond simply using nature for event spaces.

The North Atlantic island nation exploits the very power of the planet itself, with the abundant volcanic activity being used to generate the renewable geothermal energy that powers almost the entire country. It’s this power that provides all on-site energy needs for Secret Solstice, which is one of the reasons the event was very easily able to achieve carbon neutral status, something it’s held for two consecutive years now.

Secret Solstice festival director Fred Olafsson further elaborated more on the event’s green initiatives, “we try to lessen the impact of Secret Solstice in all areas, whether it’s partnering up with other carbon neutral brands like Icelandic Glacial water, or working with Toyota Iceland who provide us with hybrid vehicles.”

Since launching them in their first year in 2014, Secret Solstice has always been known for their special side events, including the already-announced Midnight Sun Boat Party, as well as their ultra-special Secret Solstice presents Into The Glacier events. Presented by brands like Ministry of Sound, Red Bull and 66ºNorth, both are [on sale now]. However, as has become tradition for the Icelandic music festival, they’re adding a brand new music-driven nature adventure to this year’s calendar.

Secret Solstice presents The Lava Tunnel will be two exclusive events held underground within natural lava tubes that form natural subterranean arteries. These amazing snaking chambers will become host to two acoustic performances by a prominent Icelandic artist, that’ll be witnessed on June 17th and 18th by a small handful of guests.

The location – Iceland’s Raufarholshellir lava tunnels – was formed over 5,000 years ago during a volcanic eruption, and has left a mark on the landscape that’s lasted throughout the centuries. This one-of-a kind experience is sure to leave a mark on the exclusive audience of 50 people who are lucky enough to secure tickets for each show, which have [just gone on sale] to the general public.

Although seen by many as remote, Iceland is easier to get to now than ever before, especially for this year’s Secret Solstice. In partnership with airline WOW air, Secret Solstice are offering all-in package deals from North America and Europe including flights, accommodation, and a festival pass starting at only $618 USD from some cities. Even better, by using the codes “wowairhotel” and “wowaircamp” (depending on what accommodation you’re choosing to go with) at checkout, early buyers will receive 20% and 25% respectively, while these limited deals are available. WOW air travel packages currently depart from these North American cities – Boston, Los Angeles, Montreal, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Baltimore.

Those planning on heading to Iceland for Secret Solstice’s fourth edition between June 16th-18th, 2017 can book now via [Eventbrite] or [Tix] starting at 24,900kr (approx. £183/€210/$224) for a full festival 3-day event pass or purchase the aforementioned package deals [via the festival’s website].

Whether it’s the lineup, setting in the world’s most northerly capital city, Iceland’s stunning nature, 72 hours of never-ending daylight, or spectacular event experiences you can’t find anywhere else, Iceland’s Secret Solstice is yet again sure to keep its title of the “most unique festival” on the planet in 2017.

Aire Atlantica – Shotgun Confidence (Original Mix)

Wolfgang Gartner releases new track “Badboy Sound”

Wolfgang Gartner is heating things up on the road and in the studio, currently in the midst of a North American tour and today unveiling his latest release “Badboy Sound.”

The track begins with a trippy mixture of vocals and drums, and within thirty seconds blasts off into a dirty banger. Gartner adds in a heavy bassline, alongside laser effects and an electro beat that will have his crowds bouncing off the walls.

“‘Badboy Sound’ was the result of combining my old and new influences to create a sound that is new and fresh for me,” Gartner explains. “I wanted to take my love for electro house and my recent love of future/bass house and meld them in a way that was still a signature Wolfgang Gartner song, and also continue pushing new sounds and sonic textures as a follow-up to my last single “Devotion.” I’ve been playing “Badboy Sound” at every show since I produced it and the crowd response has been amazing, which is always a great sign when nobody knows what it is. I can’t wait until people can have the opportunity to enjoy for themselves.”

The American DJ has made a name for himself as a pioneer of the electro-house sound. Having graced the stages of Coachella, Lollapalooza, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo and North Coast Music Festival with his maximalist performances, Gartner continues to lead the charge as a trailblazer of high-octane beats.

Australia’s most esteemed new music-sensation RUNNING TOUCH is coming to North America

One man band/electronic live act/freak of nature Running Touch steps foot for the first time in North America this March; a month that will see him hit the road for several dates in Austin for SXSW, NYC and Los Angeles in support of his first US-single “Lovely” & EP ‘A Body Slow’ release via Casablanca/Republic (UMG).

Dubbed by Triple J as “RUFUS x DISCLOSURE x ZHU x CHET FAKERs talented and quirky love child” – Running Touch is the mysterious artist from Melbourne has grown to become one of the most esteemed new acts to hit the Australian – and now global – dance music circuit in recent times. An ‘artist’ in every sense of the word, more than just a producer alone, Running Touch curates his own music, art, video, lyrics and everything in between – having the ability to master every instrument he picks up as well as designing concepts surrounding each song. Listening to his songs you’ll notice the depth in his lyrics that stems from a long history of writing poems, stories and songs – every Running Touch song plays a respective part in a novel being created by the artist himself.

To recap a phenomenal 2016 – with his debut releases and unparalleled live show winning the hearts of people around the world – Running Touch has released a self-curated mini-documentary, encapsulating his life as not only a musician, but as an artist in every sense of the word. Featuring the debut of his forthcoming single, “Lovely,” the film, created, curated, narrated and produced by Running Touch himself falls as just another project that proves as testament to the 22 year old’s incredible artistic abilities, in addition to acting as a studio member for one of Australia’s top hardcore bands ‘Ocean Grove’, writing his own music and lyrics, designing his own artwork, producing and directing his own music videos and developing a hoard of intricate stories and deeper meanings to every single little thing he projects into to the world.

Having only been on the scene for just under two years, Running Touch has gained the praise and support of some of the industry’s most notable names for being one of the most innovative and talented acts – selling out multiple headline shows across Australia, being booked on main stages for nearly every major festival in the country and being personally asked to support artists such as ZHU, SAFIA and Miami Horror to name a few.

To add to his long list of achievements, Running Touch has been named as the artist to watch for 2016 [inthemix], came in as one of the 50 most played acts on Triple J (receiving praise for all releases and 5 stars for his tune ‘This Is Just To Say’), dubbed as ‘The Best Kept Secret in Australian Dance Music’ by Buzzfeed and had his breakout track ‘What’s Best For You’ listed as one of the Top 100 Tracks of 2015 by inthemix. At the end of the past year Running Touch was voted by industry as Runner Up ‘Best Emerging Act’ at 2016 inthemix awards in December.

With upcoming shows in North America and a brand new single and EP to come – this may be the first, but certainly not the last time you hear about Running Touch. be on the lookout for North American live dates

Grant Saxena unleashes the highly anticipated ‘Synergist EP’

Since exploding onto the Dance music scene, multitalented DJ and producer Grant Saxena has been causing chaos on the North American clubbing circuit, and has become one of the continents most in demand names. With a record collection that includes Beatport Chart hitting records such as ‘Future Truth’ and ‘Backblast’, it comes as no surprise that Grant has been racking up support from industry tastemakers across the globe and some of the world’s leading record labels – colossal achievements for any calibre of artist.

Next to be added to his ever-growing back catalogue of releases and churned out of his Denver based studio is ‘Synergist EP’, a superb two-track record that certainly does not disappoint. Containing the tracks ‘Synergist’ and ‘Maximal’, ‘Synergist EP’ is full of driving, distorted basslines, epic synths, ethereal melodic breakdowns and massive drops, making it perfect for peak-hour at clubs and festivals alike – a must have inclusion in any DJ’s record box. ‘Synergist EP’ is out now exclusively on Beatport via Digital Darkus Records so make sure you grab your copy quick!

Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo + North American Tour Dates

The globally renowned Balance Music series combines forces with dance music maestro Hernan Cattaneo’s acclaimed Sudbeat label for their next double disc compilation featuring entirely unreleased and exclusive material, Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo out digitally February 24, 2017 and physically March 3, 2017 in North America. After the release of the compilation, Cattaneo has a stretch of North American dates in March including Washington D.C., Brooklyn, Montreal, Miami Music Week, and Chicago following dates in Europe and around the world.

Cattaneo describes Sudbeat, founded in 2009 alongside friend Graziano Raffa who manages the label as “Global in ethos; South American in spirit.” Having celebrated Sudbeat’s 100th release last year, Cattaneo and Raffa have brought the world mesmerizing electronic music from some of the world’s biggest producers, as well as fostering countless new talents. “We both think that musical identity is crucial,” explains Cattaneo, and it’s something that’s stamped all over this divine new double disc compilation comprised entirely of unreleased, exclusive material from the label’s roster in collaboration with Balance Music.

Always highly focused with his approach to compilations, Cattaneo focuses on the sound of now rather than muddying things with anything more conceptual. “Like every other album I did, I always want to showcase my sound at a certain moment in time.” As such, each effort provides a snapshot to his ever-evolving work, and a succinct souvenir of that particular era. Line them up together and what’s consistent is his love of melody, atmosphere and texture.

This compilation digs deep into the Sudbeat network of rising talents from across the globe, unearthing many a lesser-known and promising names in the process. “Working as a DJ, I get hundreds of links with new music every week” says Cattaneo. “It is a great opportunity to discover really interesting stuff to put on the label.” With Sudbeat having such a clear identity, putting this compilation together was an organic process for him with pairings and sequencings almost picking themselves. “When you have a clear music identity and so many great artists on the label, it’s really enjoyable to put together an album like this.”

Disc 1 is a slow-burning, downtempo affair that rounds-up Sudbeat’s less dancefloor-focused output but is perfect for listening while at the beach, or at home. At times the slower tempo even gives the captivating melodies and atmospheres more room to breathe and sink in; the chugging beat anchoring a hypnotic lynchpin beneath. The mood ranges from Toki Fuko’s meditative “An Odor” to the hazy synths of Ian Dillon’s “Embers” and through to the sumptuous vocal delights of Oriana Favaro on Cattaneo and Soundexile’s “Closer” and the melancholy of “Perpetual (Day Mix)”. Big guns like Nick Warren and Henry Saiz provide deep cuts, interspersing the impressive group of newer names.

Disc 2 begins in mystical fashion, with the Arabic melodies of Simon Vuarambon and Sidartha Siliceo’s “Liberation” segueing into the haunting, glassy synths of Tara Brooks’ “Yugen”. Snatches of distant, solemn pianos abound on Dance Spirit’s “Kaleidoscope”, heady arpeggios reign supreme on Lonya and Audio Junkies’ “Ima” and also on Cattaneo’s and Soundexile’s lush “Deneb”, chunky groove powers the mix on forwards in Guy Mantzur’s “Requiem For Us” and rousing epics like Cattaneo and Soundexile’s “Pressure Drop” and Guy J’s “Brothers Vibe” propels into higher territories. It’s a classy collection of tracks that effortlessly blend and blur into one another.

Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo is out worldwide digitally February 24, 2017 and physically March 3, 2017 in North America.

Hernan Cattaneo North America Tour Dates
March 16 Washington D.C. @ Flash
March 17 Brooklyn, NY @ Output
March 18 Montreal, Canada @ Stereo
March 21 Miami, FL @ Biscayne Lady Yacht – Never Get Out of the Boat
March 24 Miami, FL @ Treehouse Miami
March 25 Chicago, IL @ Sound Bar
May 24-29 Bradley, CA @ Lightning in a Bottle

JOYRYDE releases Diplo & Friends mix + North American tour dates

After a meteoric rise to the top of the electronic music scene in 2016, JOYRYDE is powering into 2017 with a new mix and slew of North American tour dates.

The UK-bred producer has just released his Diplo & Friends Radio 1 mix, giving fans a taste of his favorite heavy-hitting selects. The hour-long mix is brimming with unreleased originals and remixes, careening from UK grime and garage to hip-hop and bass.

JOYRYDE is also kicking off his North American tour in Las Vegas, then traversing the continent performing 15 shows over the next three months. In addition to headlining shows in major metropolises such as Chicago, Toronto, Denver and New Orleans, the venerable DJ will be bringing his custom-built C.A.R (Calling All Rydrz) stage setup to select cities including San Francisco and Santa Ana. The stage production is centered around a full size, tricked out 1969 matte black Dodge Charger which debuted to a sold out crowd in LA last year and wowed New York fans at Webster Hall last month.

Check out and download more photos of the C.A.R stage setup and catch JOYRYDE on tour this month.

JOYRYDE North American tour dates
Jan 13 – The Joint, Las Vegas
Jan 14 – Club 77, Hamilton
Jan 20 – The Hoxton, Toronto
Jan 21 – Skully’s, Columbus
Feb 03 – Beta, Denver
Feb 10 – 45 East, Portland
Feb 16 – Control (Ruby Skye), San Francisco – C.A.R stage
Feb 19 – The City National Civic Center, San Jose
Feb 24 – The Yost, Santa Ana – C.A.R stage
Feb 25 – Metropolitan, New Orleans
Mar 04 – Bassmnt, San Diego
Mar 07 – Papas & Beer, Rosarito
Mar 08 – La Santa, Puerto Vallarta
Mar 10 – Site 1A, Milwaukee
Mar 17 – The Mid, Chicago

Known for his unconventional blend of high-octane sounds and far-flung discography of free releases, JOYRYDE has crafted a world for himself surrounded by a unique musical attitude, re-imagined car imagery and a-list support stemming from Skrillex, DJ Snake & Diplo to Axwell x Ingrosso, Tchami & Alesso. Hailing from the UK, JOYRYDE rose from completely unknown to one of the most buzzing electronic acts on the planet in 2016 and it’s clear that the highway to success is paved with bass.

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