Woolymammoth & Tsuruda remix Crooked Colours

Bass artists Woolymammoth and Tsuruda have collaborated on a little somethin’ to tide you over while Woolymammoth begins his debut tour in Australia. This latest creation of theirs is a remix of Step, by the Australian band Crooked Colours, with just the right spooky, experimental vibe for the season.

Tsuruda and Woolymammoth’s twist on Step creates a dark ambiance for the listener to get lost in, while simultaneously providing a fierce, heavy hitting beat. As the tune rolls on, deep and vehement; the listener is transported to an alien planet where bionic elephants are marching into the enigmatic, dark unknown. A truly original soundscape.

Woolymammoth’s dedication & unique style is already paying off: playing shows all over the United States and Canada, fresh off his most recent tour with Borgore, Getter, and Styles Complete, and now embarking on his very own debut tour in Australia. He kicked things off in Brisbane, October 23rd, at Oh Hello, and will spend the remainder of the month providing bangin’ sets to bass lovers all over the continent.

Tsuruda is a classically trained musician, a resident of Los Angeles, and a master of experimental downtempo. Although he is working on multiple projects of his own, he and Huxley Anne will be performing their world debut together as PAINT (Tsuruda x Huxley Anne) at The New Parish in Oakland on December 4th, though they have been playing back to back sets together for quite some time already.

10/23 Brisbane @ Oh Hello
10/24 Adelaide @ Apple Bar
10/28 Sydney @ World Bar
10/30 Perth @ Metro City
10/31 Perth @ Flyright