Jason Gaffner – ‘Phantom’ [fourth & final single from upcoming debut ep]

This week Los Angeles Funkmeister Jason Gaffner releases an exciting new track called ‘Phantom’, the fourth and final single off his debut ‘Journeys EP’. This upbeat track rounds out the EP nicely by bringing a strong electro-soul vibe – think Daft Punk productions with a Stevie Wonder groove

Given the result of this final track, it’s amazing to know that Gaffner in fact re-wrote it three times. Ironically, version one was the winner.

“‘Phantom’ was re-written about three times and ultimately I went back to the very first version which I originally wrote for just piano and vocals. It was much slower and much more sombre. This definitely has a different vibe from the old version that I recorded.” – Jason Gaffner

The catchy chorus will have you toe-tapping along but it’s the lyrics that will captivate you even more.

“I really think the lyrics are powerful and I think that a lot of people can relate to the feelings expressed in the song. I have my own meaning associated with the song but I think it’s one of those songs that people will find their own meaning in.” – Jason Gaffner

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Alejandro Bento – Ripples Remixed Album Release

Ripples Remixed out now on Subtempo Records is a follow up to composer and pianist Alejandro Bento’s October 2016 release of the original Ripples featuring remixes by some of the most groundbreaking and talented electronic producers. The album features remixes from Memotone (UK), Christopher Willits (Project Moon Circle, USA), Souns (CAN), LCC – Las Casicasiotone (SP), Leeward (DE) and Axel Toben (SP) – this last one being a rendition by Alejandro Bento himself under his electronic music alias. The producers chose the tune they most resonated with and created very unique pieces honoring the piano yet bringing forth their own distinct sound. They were given full creative freedom in what direction they wanted to take their remix, and they created genre-blurring and boundary pushing remixes.

TLC “No Scrubs” – Unlike Pluto cover

Unlike Pluto (AKA Armond Arabshahi) is a DJ/Producer/Songwriter from Atlanta, based in Los Angeles. Pluto began teaching himself how to play the piano at the age of 5. His obsession with music lead him to learn the guitar, drums, & for the heck of it, clarinet. Throughout Pluto’s childhood, he began navigating through different genres of music, starting with rock, country, folk, screamo, and most recently electronic/dance music. His experiences in all of these genres can be heard in his most recent releases, utilizing real instruments & classic songwriting techniques. Whenever Pluto has free time, he likes to go to record stores and find obscure records for inspiration; now he may has too many to count. From playing multiple major festivals to releasing timeless originals, 2016 has been quite a year for Pluto. After being included in Billboard Dance’s Artists to watch in 2016, one can only imagine what else he has in store.

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German producer Moglii releases new single “Girl”, the first taste of upcoming solo EP via Majestic Casual

Moglii is back with his first offering of 2017, and the first single off of his upcoming debut solo EP via Majestic Casual Records later this year.

The German producer and jazz pianist pairs his signature mix of analogue and electronic production with the vocal talents of Ben Werchohlad, to create a wonderfully warbling, soulful track.

“The song is about regrets, and bad decisions. There are moments you have to grasp and those where you should take a look at what you already have. But sometimes that just doesn’t work out and you end up making a decision that you regret. That’s what the lyrics are about. Making a mistake that you’re stuck with and keeps your mind imprisoned.” – Ben

The production in “Girl” is based on both analog and electronic components, which work to shape each other, and define the soundscape. The intention is to create a body which is filled with organic drums, soulful vocals and vibrating synthesizers.

“”Girl” lives through Ben’s soulful vocals in combination with a warm piano rmelody and digital sounding elements. The production creates an “underwater“ like atmosphere, which reflects the meaning of Ben’s lyrics.” – Moglii

Moglii’s “Naboo” EP will drop later this year via Majestic Casual Records.