Nurii – Freedom

Following top-notch hits such as: ‘Blue Lagoon’, ‘Reasons’, ‘India’, ‘Right Back’ and ‘Passion’, Nairobi based talent Nurii’s is back to form this month with yet another stellar creation by the name of ‘Freedom’. Hitting the shelves on the 4th of December, 2015, ‘Freedom’ is set to continue Nurii’s ongoing streak of heavyweight projects to end 2015 in style and set the pace for 2016.

Aside from remarkable official releases, Nurii has put himself behind a string of very well received free downloads, giving away quality singles like: ‘Twist’, ‘Drop That Bass’, ‘Transform’, ‘Explode’, ‘Alive’, ‘Lean On Remix’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Wild Life’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Inspire’, ‘Touchdown’ and ‘Emotions’, whilst showcasing his diverse stylistic flavours. On the other hand he’s also been the mastermind behind his new radio show ‘Horizon’, which has seen a steady growth in following over the past months.

An outstanding Electro House effort, ‘Freedom’ kicks off with a solid four-on-the-floor kick pattern before introducing an infectious synth loop to spice things up. A sudden halt transcends into an open lead-synth melody, later darkened with harsher sounds. Nurii introduces a massive ascension, heading into a colossal drop, characterised by vocal snippets, deep bass-lines and an unmistakable euphoric vibe. A breakdown is then put into the mix, whilst an additional build-up unleashes yet another much awaited drop, to which Nurii adds his own twists and wide array of effects, before ending with a mellower conclusion.

‘Freedom’ marks Nurii’s return on N&R Records’ growing catalogue. Having already been involved with N&R on many of his previous records, the Kenya based talent has established himself as a key figure for this imprint, together with other important names like: Swaen, Thaes, Anton Teh, Unes T, JayDay and Mike Anthony. N&R Records are truly proving to be a hub for some of the best up-and-coming talent around and Nurii is surely contributing big time to this rapidly developing label.

Nurii Spins Up A Tiesto & Don Diablo Rework

Nurii’s name has become synonymous with innovative music and top-notch projects.Hailing from Nairobi, Nurii has began his musical path with his debut single ‘Blue Lagoon’, later following up with outstanding efforts like: ‘Reasons’, ‘India’, ‘Right Back’ and ‘Passion’. Whilst keeping himself busy with stellar official releases, Nurii is also making a name for himself with remarkable free downloads, piling up hit tunes like: ‘Summer’, ‘Twist’, ‘Drop That Bass’, ‘Transform’, ‘Explode’, ‘Alive’, ‘Lean On Remix’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Wild Life’, ‘Destiny’, Beautiful’, ‘Feelings’, ‘Inspire’, ‘Touch Down’, ‘Emotions’ and ‘Stars’. Nurii’s freebie tracks are becoming almost a weekly offering and his latest creation is a quality remix of Tiesto and Don Diablo’s ‘Chemicals’, which he has submitted as an entree for the official remix contest attached to it.

Starting with a mesmerising rendition of the vocals and a minimal synth arrangement, ‘Chemicals (Nurii Remix)’truly kicks off with a stylish introduction, before an uplifting flute-synth melody is inserted to spice things off. A deep four-on-the floor kick pattern builds up momentum, whilst effect-based vocals are added into the mix. Nuri changes between breakdown sections and explosive choruses, adding a wide array of effects to give this single an additional edge, laying the foundations on a slow tempo, which gives it a truly unique timbre.

Tiesto, Don Diablo and Spinnin’ Records will be the main judges for this contest, however you can help Nurii’s entree advance and get noticed by casting your vote. The lucky winner of this competition will be getting an official release on label giants Hexagon or Musical Freedom, in addition to receiving an assortment of gear, whilst those landing in 2nd and 3rd position will take home a rich software, gear and merchandise filled package. With such an industrious work ethic and consistent high levels of production, Nurii certainly deserves to put himself in the spotlight within this remix completion, so make sure you lend him a hand with your vote.

Nurii – ‘Touch Down’, ‘Emotions’ & ‘Stars’

Talented DJ and producer Nurii is constantly signing his name on top-notch projects and since he’s started his career he’s been the mastermind behind some remarkable productions, reaching Beatport charts on multiple occasions. He’s recently released a string of quality official releases, namely: ‘Blue Lagoon’, ‘Reasons’, ‘India’, ‘Right Back’ and ‘Passion’ and he’s also managed to deliver a free track almost every week, piling up hits like: : ‘Summer’, ‘Twist’, ‘Drop That Bass’, ‘Transform’, ‘Explode’, ‘Alive’, ‘Lean On Remix’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Wild Life’, ‘Destiny’, Beautiful’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Inspire’.
The Nairobi based talent is now back with a fresh set of freebie tracks, this time releasing three wonders by the name of: ‘Touch Down’, ‘Emotions’ and ‘Stars’. Once again Nurii is showcasing a diverse range of inspirations and sonic flavours and he’s truly putting himself in the spotlight with such outstanding efforts. Nurii’s newest free downloads are certainly adding weight to his rapidly growing catalogue and putting him in the spotlight as one of the hardest working artists within the electronic music scene.

First up, ‘Touch Down’ is an Electro House infused single, boasting heavy elements and a thumping grooves. Nurii devises a euphoric EDM style main melody, embellishing it with an uplifting instrumental arrangement that truly lifts this track to the next level, whilst putting in Electro House characteristics to boost its darker side.

On the other hand, ‘Emotions’, showcases Nurii’s House inspirations. A dreamy melody is the driving force behind this single, whilst infectious grooves add a solid foundation for bursting build-ups. Effect based vocal-lines spice things up, offering a unique touch to this amazing effort.

Last but not least, Nurii collaborates with Thomas Daniel to cook up ‘Stars’. An intense Progressive House single, ‘Stars’ is based on a series of dreamy and uplifting melodies, creating the perfect base for Thomas Daniel’s mesmerising vocals to shine, whilst Nurii puts together massive, catchy drops, sure to set dance floors on fire.

Whilst you can now download and enjoy Nurii’s latest free tunes: ‘Touch Down’, ‘Emotions’ and ‘Stars’, you can also check out his latest ‘Horizon’ radio show episodes on Mixcloud and keep an eye out for more free downloads to be announced soon.

Nuri – ‘Beautiful’, ‘Feelings’ & ‘Inspire’

Industrious DJ and producer Nuri is showing no signs of halting his ongoing streak of top-notch projects and after a series of mesmerising releases he is now back with three outstanding free downloads – ‘Beautiful’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Inspire’.

The Nairobi based talent has kicked off his career with his debut single ‘Blue Lagoon’, later following up with a string of Beatport chart entrees, including the likes of: ‘Reasons’, ‘India’, ‘Right Back’ and ‘Passion’. 2015 is proving to be a very busy year for Nuri and aside from starting his weekly radio show ‘Horizon’, he’s been putting out some very well-received free tracks. Along the past few months, Nuri has put his signature on a series of quality freebie productions like: ‘Summer’, ‘Twist’, ‘Drop That Bass’, ‘Transform’, ‘Explode’, ‘Alive’, ‘Lean On Remix’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Wild Life’ and ‘Destiny’ and he’s cooking up new material practically every week.

His latest wonders ‘Beautiful’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Inspire’ are certainly adding weight to Nuri’s growing list of free offerings and once again showcase the diversity of styles he is able to work with. First up, ‘Beautiful’ is an EDM and Progressive House inspired banger, characterised by smooth, energetic melodies and Mickey Shiloh’s angelic vocals. Nuri has dedicated this track to his girlfriend, to show his love and gratitude to his companion in life.

Next up, Nuri collaborated with rising talent Abstrex to come up with a cracking single by the name of ‘Feelings’. Filled with EDM and Progressive House inspirations, ‘Feelings’ boasts a minimalistic piano arrangement which serves as the base for the harsher electronic wonders, silky vocals and euphoric bursts to shine.

Last but not least, Nuri offers a unique Tropical House and Chill-out infused single – ‘Inspire’. A laidback groove melds perfectly with the uplifting vibes created by this production, adding deep vocals to spice things up. Once again, ‘Inspire’ is a sheer display of Nuri’s versatility and deep knowledge of diverse genres.

Whilst you can now download and enjoy Nuri’s freshest tunes ‘Beautiful’, ‘Feelings’ and ‘Inspire’, you can also check out his latest ‘Horizon’ radio show mixes on his Mixcloud page and keep an eye out for more free tracks to be released soon.

Nuri – Transform (Masterbeaters Submission)

Hailing from Kenya, talented DJ and producer Nuri has been putting out a series of top-notch free releases for his fans to enjoy. Having put his signature on quality freebies in the past few weeks such as: ‘Summer’, ‘Twist’ and ‘Drop That Bass’, he is now back to form with another wonder called ‘Transform’.

An industrious producer, Nuri is constantly cooking up new music and he’s been behind some remarkable tunes such as his debut single ‘Blue Lagoon’, his Beatport ‘Electro House Top 100’ chart entree ‘Right Back’ and other bangers like: ‘India’ and ‘Reasons’. His growing reputation is also the driving force behind his successful radio show ‘Horizon’ which is growing its followership with every weekly episode.

Nuri’s eclectic style dabbles into various electronic flavours such as EDM, sub-genres of House and Dubstep, whilst also including a taste of his Hip-Hop roots. Inspired by the likes of: KSHMR, DVBBS, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Avicii, Martin Garrix and Swedish House Mafia, the Nairobi based talent is rapidly making a name for himself as one of the most interesting up-and-coming acts in the current Dance music scene.

His latest creation ‘Transform’ is a continuation of his developing sound and constant experimentation. This time he’s come up with a Progressive House infused single, adding another style to his expanding repertoire. An infectious House inspired groove sets the foundation of this track, whilst dreamy piano melodies give a softer feel to the production, before bursting into a punchy chorus. String arrangements blend perfectly with the various synth sounds and effects, establishing ‘Transform’ as a bridge between the acoustic, instrumental realm and the amazing world of knobs and buttons. Nuri takes perfect control of dynamic levels, devising diverse mood swings within the single whilst maintaining a refined musical sense.

‘Transform’ is another sheer display of Nuri’s pristine talent and one can only expect much more yet to come in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned on Nuri’s social media for more announcements and news.

Nuri – Drop That Bass

Talented DJ and producer Nuri is putting out a consistent streak of high quality releases which are turning many heads within the Dance music realm. His latest effort is a free track by the name of ‘Drop That Bass’, following up on the acclaim received for two other free downloads, ‘Summer’ and ‘Twist’, which he released a few weeks ago.

The Kenya based talent has also been the mastermind of other wonders such as his debut single ‘Blue Lagoon’, ‘Reasons’, ‘India’ and ‘Right Back’ which also landed Beatport’s ‘Electro House Top 100’ chart. ‘Drop That Bass’ is seeking to add more weight to Nuri’s growing reputation and is once again a showcase of his eclectic style and deep knowledge of diverse styles.

Whilst Nuri is mostly known for his EDM flavours, inspired by the likes of: KSHMR, DVBBS, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Avicii, Martin Garrix and Swedish House Mafia, he frequently experiments with Hip-Hop, Dubstep and many other electronic music styles, offering a truly unique blend of sonic flavours.

His newest release ‘Drop That Bass’ is an EDM infused Progressive House track, boasting Nuri’s signature. Uplifting synth melodies drive the single forward, whilst pumping bassy elements provide a punchy rhythmic foundation. Euphoric elements collide with dark, deep segments, whilst the vocals provide the necessary spice. Nuri also displays his arrangement skills, offering diverse effects and accompaniments that truly take the track to the next level on the harmonic front, whilst also having full control on dynamics.

‘Drop That Bass’ is the latest of a series of top-notch Nuri releases and there are surely many more yet to come in the coming weeks and months. Nuri is proving to be one of the hottest up-and-coming acts at the moment and 2015 can surely be the big year for him, so keep an eye out!

Nuri – Right Back

Up-and-coming EDM DJ and producer Nuri is back to form this month with another powerful project. Out on the 29th of May, 2015, ‘Right Back’ is looking to build upon Nuri’s impressive debut single ‘Blue Lagoon’, released on the 3rd of May, 2015.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya the talented artist is hitting the electronic music world by storm and his ascension is taking place at an extraordinary pace. His love for life’s vibrancy is displayed within his emotional productions, boasting influences from various Dance music genres perfectly blended with his Hip Hop roots.

Inspired by the likes of: KSHMR, DVBBS, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Avicii, Martin Garrix and Swedish House Mafia, Nuri has managed to create his own voice within EDM, unleashing danceable beats and captivating melodies. ‘Right Back’ is certainly on track the momentum going and is surely another step into Nuri’s rise to stardom.

Embedded within the Electro House genre, ‘Right Back’ kicks off with a forceful, straight drum beat and a phasing, dirty synth loop. A pitch shifting effect gives way to an intensified section, characterised by deeper kicks and harsher melodic elements whilst a big drum fill gives way to a breakdown, led by an uplifting, lead synth melody before heading into a leftfield bridge. Nuri devices a colossal drop, bursting with power. This subby section takes over the track, featuring vicious bassy elements, ripping melodies and an array of effects to spice up the atmosphere. Another breakdown takes the limelight, once again displaying Nuri’s melody writing abilities, whilst showing off his punchy beats. The single goes into the thunderous chorus once more, elevating energy levels, sure to fire up dance floors at both clubs and festivals alike. At this point, Nuri starts stripping away energy to head towards a mellower conclusion, balancing out the high intensity drops with more delicate tracts. Nuri’s songwriting talents, dynamic control, song section management and immense musical vision are clearly displayed within ‘Right Back’ making it a truly mesmerising project.

Having seen the results from Nuri’s debut project ‘Blue Lagoon’, N&R Records have also gotten behind his latest effort ‘Right Back’. Specialising in House, Electro House and Progressive House, the newly established imprint is giving Nuri a central role in the pursuit for plugging into the worldwide Dance music scene. Run by creative, music lovers, the independent label is constantly on the lookout for new talent to build their roster, currently fronted by Nuri himself. With such quality releases on can only expect much more yet to come from both Nuri and N&R Records in 2015.