Torgny returns with EP 2 from trilogy ‘Cut & Run’ + video for ‘Sunday Rain’

All of three tracks on the EP tell stories about characters in a state of urgency – death, longing and heartbreak being key themes running through the EP. “‘Cut & Run’ is a phrase that originated in the 1700s and alludes to cutting loose a ship’s anchor and sailing away quickly from an urgent situation,” explains Torgny. “And I think the urge to get out or to be somewhere else can be felt in all of these songs.”

The video for ‘Sunday Rain’ follows on from EP 1’s ‘All The Scars’, exploring themes of death and loss. Filmed by Torgny himself during the final days spent with his 102 year old grandmother, it is an intimate visual portrait highlighting the role of the artist as vulnerable – both as creator and family member.

Torgny says: “The whole act of filming and showing my grandmother photos from her life was a spontaneous act. She seemed happy, but was also more puzzled and tired than usual, as if she had already started her journey to the other side. But I didn’t think about that while being there. A friend who watched the video felt that it’s as if I am trying to keep her alive by showing her photographs of people in her life. And maybe that is what I’m trying to do on an unconscious level – to sustain life by showcasing biography and history. I don’t know”

The visual identity of ‘CUT & RUN’ is a collaboration with Austrian-Norwegian artist and photographer Willibald Storn.

Yuga and RoyTson deliver the goods with ‘Stars On 45’

After a successful history of collaborations, superstars Yuga and RoyTson link up again to get audiences hyped for Summer ’17. Their release last year ‘Unz’ on Kaisen Records was a dancefloor smasher, and the follow up doesn’t disappoint.

‘Stars On 45’ has an addictive vocal line running throughout the track, and before you know it you’re completely hooked. The tight, hard-hitting percussion encapsulates the listener and would fit in at any nightclub around the world. The power these young producers have to create pounding, progressive productions are second to none and they are sure to have a busy summer touring with tunes like this in their roster. With their previous productions garnering support form industry titans, they’re creating more hype with every release and show no sign of abating.

The releasers, Kaisen Records, deliver once again, and show their flair and ability to find the best music around for their fans. Providing new artists alongside already established musicians, they are constantly providing fresh releases with varying sounds and ‘Stars On 45’ is one of their best yet. Make sure you grab your copy before it flies off the record store shelves.

Buku – Ready 4

Brazilian Behind-U Released A Fun, Club Certified EP Called “Paradise”

LoTech – Twisted Fish

Hijacked Records Detroit’s new release come from yet another, really talent French producer, Laurent Chanal, under the pseudonym “Lo-Tech.” The “Twisted Fish” ep offers up three tracks exhibiting the deep side of techno balanced against the uplifting, resulting in an almost therapeutic sounding release. We open with the title track, “Twisted Fish.” This track sets out a sort of laid-back dystopian type feel against a classic snare and clap pattern. At about the one minute mark Laurent introduces some tripped out harmonic sounding synths. As the intensity is really building the break down comes in at minute 2:52. He counters the darker atmosphere he’s built up with a beautiful pause. At minute 3:43 the track is in full swing again yet maintains the ethereal aura introduced at the break down, carrying the track through until the end. This is a great piece.

The next track is called “Club Star JS.” This piece also has a bit of a slower or laid-back take on the percussion. Piano sounding chords are prominently featured with a sort of subdued acid type melody running throughout. At minute 1:50 beautiful synths pour in and create that comforting, warm feeling that puts the smile on your face when you’re dancing. This is the type of track that’s also great for grabbing your headphones and going for a walk to clear your head. Good medicine.

The final track on this ep is “Cool it Down.” This track also incorporates the warm and welcoming ambience but this time in an almost distant, far-away sense. The beat is more house than techno on this track but again, with a slower take on it. It has a more relaxed feeling to it. At minute 2:32 Laurent’s synth work takes a more melodic turn. This track is just straight good for the soul. Laurent’s production is really quite good quality. What stands out for us, is that his ability to exercise restraint is very clear, which took these tracks in an interesting direction; something we’ve never heard before, and likely something most people couldn’t reproduce. We’re proud to present his work and look forward to what else he has in store.

Jarvis Is “Dropping The Heat”

Impera debut on The Groove Society with ‘The One EP’

DJ and production duo Impera are kicking off 2017 with yet another mind-blowing production – this time coming in the form of a three-track EP named ‘The One EP’. Having joined forces in 2014, after running successful solo careers, the two brothers from Istanbul have created a unique fusion of their Turkish heritage and influences from Dance music giants such as: Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schultz and Swedish House Mafia amongst others – it’s no surprise that they have projected themselves to the highest level of the Turkish Dance music scene and been featured in DJMag.

Containing the tracks ‘Resound’, ‘So Good’ and ‘Take U High’, ‘The One EP’ has a little bit of something for every kind of music fan. Full of infectious beats, driving basslines, blissful vocals and memorizing melodies, ‘The One EP’ is certain to dominate dancefloors and festival mainstages for the distant future – a must have inclusion in any DJ’s record collection. Signed to Sony Music sub-label The Groove Society, ‘The One EP’ is out now so make sure you grab your copy quick.

Stream the Diynamic Moby remixes EP

Diynamic’s sublabel 2DIY4 will be releasing an EP of Moby remixes, with four different takes from four integral members of the label family. The EP will be out digitally on December 2nd, with the vinyl release following on December 16th.
Swiss production duo Adriatique open the release with their version of ‘Wait For Me’. Preserving the original’s distinctive piano line, the pair’s subtle update uses a deep bassline and rearranges the breathy vocals for a more dancefloor facing version of the original. Their latest remix of Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin’s ‘Atlas’ has been a big success, hitting #1 on Beatport.

Magdalena takes on ‘Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?’; a stomping build up utilises elements of the original’s percussion over a rumbling sub bass, before a break down mid-way through reveals the vocal line.

Stimming uses a more old school build up approach for his percussive remix of ‘Natural Blues’, with a gradual rise in complexity; running at over 10 minutes, the track is a more upbeat take on the original suitable for peak time sets.
Meanwhile, Johannes Brecht’s take on the same track features the original piano motif, a grooving bass line and the vocals taking a more prominent role.

The Moby remixes EP is an original series of tasteful reimaginings of the producer’s most iconic songs from some of Diynamic’s most established artists.

Watch Flume’s Live Cover Of Ghost Town DJ’s “Boo” Ft. Vince Staples & Kucka

Catch Recordings present Sub Club Takeover at Distrikt, Leeds – Friday 2nd December – FREE ENTRY!


Some clubs have iconic status and are on every DJ’s wish list to play and sub club in Glasgow is one of them. These two have the honour of been residents for just shy of 20 years there. They have asked to play an extended set too and how can we decline such an offer. This one is set to be a real stand out event no doubt about it.


Just shy of 20 years on, Subculture, with Harri and Domenic still at the helm, is the longest running weekly House night in the U.K. and very possibly worldwide. Subculture has hosted the cream of international House DJs and has a reputation as one of the best and most credible House nights in the world.

Subculture has thrived where so many house clubs have flagged because the night has always embraced and sought out the most innovative and culturally relevant electronic music – regardless of fickle fashions or commercial pressures.

Together and independently Harri & Domenic have headlined slots at the UK’s most important underground clubs such as Back2Basics (Leeds), Chibuku (Liverpool), Plastic People, The End and Fabric (London), and at clued-up, taste-defining international dance floors such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), The Rex (Paris), Moog (Barcelona), Deep (Madrid), Food Club (Brussels) and Propaganda (Moscow).

Harri and Dom have also recorded 2 Subculture mix CDs on Arista (“Subculture”) and Loaded (“Subversion”) and one on Soma (“20 Years Underground”). Their Resident Advisor podcast in August 2010 was widely acclaimed as was their Pete Tong Essential Mix for Radio 1.