Swedish singer-songwriter duo Smith & Thell release folky new single “February”

The pair have emerged as two of the most successful new songwriters and producers out of Sweden during the last year or two. With over 20 gold and platinum records to their name for other artists, and over 200 million streams to date, they have been slated as Sweden’s “Of Monsters and Men” equivalent, after releasing upbeat, folky pop singles “Statue” and “Row” last year.

The Story So Far
Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell, collectively known as Smith & Thell, met as teenagers at a local music event in their hometown of Helsingborg in Southern Sweden. Since then, they have spent their time establishing themselves as one of Sweden’s most sought after songwriter and producer combos. They have contributed as writers on songs for major label artists that have combined to be streamed over 200,000,000 times (in Scandinavia alone).

After deciding to launch their own artist project, Smith & Thell, they submitted their original song “Statue” to be considered for Sweden’s prestigious Denniz Pop Awards. With a panel led by multi-platinum producer Max Martin, the jury selected Smith & Thell as the “2015 New Artist of The Year” which is the same honor that was given to international superstar Tove Lo in 2014.

Introducing breakthrough Scandinavian singer-songwriter duo Smith & Thell

Swedish duo Smith & Thell have emerged as two of the most successful new songwriters and producers out of Sweden during the last year or two. They have over 20 gold and platinum records to their name for other artists, and over 200 million streams to date.
Last year at the prestigious Denniz Pop Awards, they were awarded “Best New Artist” by their peers, a jury of the most successful Swedish writers led by the one and only Max Martin.

The pair have release two singles, in the leadup to their forthcoming debut album.

Arc North ‘Meant To Be feat. Krista Marina’ (FSTU)

Recently launched as a record label, FreeSongsToUse quickly established itself as one of the go-to destinations for music vloggers and gamers looking for a wide variety of copyright free music to use on their YouTube & Twitch content. For their new official release, they have signed one of their closest collaborators, Arc North, who in spite of his young age already figures amongst the most promising young producers from Sweden, a country globally renowned for its contribution to the dance music scene.

The 19 year old producer has been making waves recently with an official remix of Goblins From Mars‘ Cold Blooded Love, the creation of his own artist collective and label TidalWave, as well as a string of self released singles like Heroic, which racked up over a hundred thousands plays on SoundCloud. His new vocal single ‘Meant To Be’ is another string to his bow – his second collaboration with the young female singer and a tune that’s certain to catch the ears of dance music lovers worldwide with its pop feel and ethereal notes, emphasized by Krista Marina’s sultry voice.

On the track, Arc North said “Meant To Be is a tale of uncertainty and unanswered love I think most of us can relate to. Music for me is all about connecting with people and that I can put my experiences to life through rhythm and share the way I felt is just incredible.”

About Arc North:

“A daily fight to improve upon myself. Every time I go to bed I wish to be one step further than when I awoke that morning. Producing allows me to reach new heights and to explore new terrain. This is why I rarely stick to a single genre, each track an improvement upon the last in understanding and creativity. It isn’t about a single release or a final number, it’s about the progression. The consistent effort to become better.”
– Arc North

The Other Life – Happiness

The Radio Dept. “Swedish Guns” for our favorite DJs!

The Radio Dept. is one of Sweden’s most influential electronic pop bands from the last decade.”. Their two latest albums have been “Best New Music” on Pitchfork, they were included on NME’s “Best albums of the decade”- list and they’ve had songs in films like Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”.

Tobtok – Aber (Original Mix)

A sublime slice of production, ‘Aber’ is the new single from Sweden’s rising star DJ / Producer, Tobtok. Following off the back of his hit track ‘Fast Car feat. River’, which reached Platinum status in Australia, the Swede has been destined to shake up dance floors ever since with his summer-flavoured house music.

Expect this record is going to be gracing every pool, beach, boat and house party over the Summer. Characterised by infectious strings and sweltering percussion, Tobtok has ticked all the right boxes with this instrumental to create a masterpiece of uplifting sentiment that translates so clearly throughout every release. It’s basically like a Turkish Delight, but Swedish and for your ears.

Galavant Feat. Clara Mae – Parachute (Original Mix)

Mikael Weermets – Arms Wide Open (Original Mix)

Pomona Dream – Rainbow Milk EP

Rich Edwards – Where I’ll Be Waiting