Plastik Funk ft. Katt Rose “Sunrise”

Haul & Pull Up: Second EP ft Gonjasufi, Warrior Queen and Doubla J

This EP starts with Goodbye, a feature with Gonjasufi. We’re really happy to finally release this monster of a track. It came together after meeting him and talking about a collabo years ago. It took us quite a while to get it off the ground, but finally it turned out to be a really special song, full of drones, noise, acid and dark shadows.

Besides that, we also got Pop Off with longtime collaborator Doubla J from Costa Rica on vocal duties. This is pretty much how we think a club track should sound like in 2017. You can probably hear our love for all things Footwork, Dancehall and Rap on this one.
Ending the EP is U Mad with Warrior Queen on the drop, an uptempo track usefull for both your regular club work out as well as for testing the sub bass capabilities on your stereo device.

All Haul & Pull Up releases are an excursion into different kinds of hybrid club music and draw connections to the soundsystem roots of pretty much all of the subgenres and music production styles we love.

Alex Klingle – Remember When

Immaculate layers, echoing guitar plucks and tough, rolling bass can only mean one thing, Alex Klingle is back with another sublime production. Updating his now expansive Enhanced catalogue with ‘Remember When’, the Canadian maestro is back…

Offering an appropriately reflective mood ‘Remember When’ brings an emotive production to introduce Enhanced Progressive’s 2017 – filled with Alex’s well-appreciated knack for crafting epic soundscapes, atmospheres and energy, ‘Remember When’ showcases the more melodic side of his talent in typically grandeur Klingle style.

With his 2016 firmly setting the foundations, 2017 looks to be the year where Alex Klingle blows up, and it all starts with ‘Remember When’.

Wayne Madiedo – La Flor

Caspa – Venom

Some say ‘vibes’, Caspa prefers ‘Vibrations’: Not just a more formal, respectful term for the oscillating phenomenon that guarantees we hear anything in life but the name of his exciting new series. His first substantial solo body of work since the forthright horsepower and back-to-basics attitude of ‘500’ in 2014/15, ‘Vibrations’ continues his ever-refined stripped-back, broadsword bass vision. Dark, dangerous and designed for the underground, each track is tailored with one pure purpose: proper dancefloor buzzes… Hot on the heels of Umbongo we have…

‘Venom’ is a punchy, poisonous riddim. Juggling a range of bass textures that both spit and slither, its toxicity is infectious as it bites through the speakers. With a sharpness countered by the wide sub warmth and drums that flex to fit the bass texture, there’s a fluidity throughout that mirrors that of a python gliding its way stealthily to its prey. For years man has searched for the true definition of a gully creeper. The search is over.

And this is just the beginning. As with every mission Caspa embarks on, expect no fluff or faltering: ‘Vibrations’ is about the core reason we all got into this in the first place, it’s about laying down dark vibes in small underground rooms for gatherings of people who have united with purpose. With at least six monthly instalments locked and loaded and potentially more to come, the tremors are only just kicking in. Some say vibes, others say vibrations, we say stay tuned…

Michael Badal – Gallery

At just 27 years old, Grammy nominated DJ and producer Michael Badal already has two studio albums under his belt. We’re delighted to present his infectiously-grooved ‘Gallery’, a progressive techno-classical piece. Turn it up, jump inside and take a listen around the Gallery. In the centre you’ll find a string section that builds you excitedly until you’re carried away on Badal’s well groomed percussive grooves.

It’s fresh, airy art-moderne; something different on our label. Here’s to an even more #creative new year.

Anton Jay, Discoplace – Dance No

EDX Releases ‘Feel The Same’ Dubai Skyline Remix

Raiden ft. Bright Lights on Nicky Romero’s Protocol

Corderoy – Touch Your Face

British producer Corderoy sets Enhanced’s 2017 in motion with the label’s first release of the New Year, ‘Touch Your Face’.

Responsible for some of 2016’s most cutting-edge productions, Corderoy’s ‘Touch Your Face’ proves an intriguing hit utilising impressively layered piano chords around crisp drums & subtle horns to present an effortlessly flowing House production chock full of emotive touches and smooth atmospherics.

Combining both emotional chord plucks with warming pads results in a production precisely balanced between peak-time House hit and radio-ready anthem.