We mix in Traktor Pro 2 with the VCI-400, S4 and Ableton Live… playing house music in multiple personalities.

Keen, Virgil & Willie D are the MASTERBEATERS. They are amazing individuals, incredible musicians and serious Crowd Killers. Masterbeaters started as a joke in San Diego of 2009 to showcase their EDM demos and mixes online to share with friends and the industry. Now they are sharing their love for the electronic dance scene to the rest of the world. Fight The Light. Chase the fun.

The crowd breathes to the same syncopated rhythm. They take control of the crowd…bringing them higher and releasing them with every down beat. Their main focus is to take the crowd on a musical roller coaster that ends with them melting into one huge massive beast…growing and grooving to the same heartbeat.

The Masterbeaters don’t just play music, they take people on a journey with each calculated song selection and application of an effect driving a purpose and attaching to a feeling, an emotion. They’ve been playing Electronic Music for over a decade and understand the history and span of the many genres the now currently make up the dance music scene.

You can find them playing all over Southern California nightclubs and at special events. Please contact us at dj@masterbeaters.com with any super dope things you would like to share or even bookings!  That would be cool!

Venues we played at:
Sky Room – New York
Breathe Pool Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas
Eve The Nightclub – Las Vegas
Circus Disco – Los Angeles
La Vida – Los Angeles
Icon Ultra Lounge – Los Angeles
Lure Hollywood – Los Angeles
MyStudio – Los Angeles
The Colony – Los Angeles
Supper Club – Los Angeles
VLounge – Los Angeles
Dim Mak Studios – Los Angeles
Drais Hollywood – Los Angeles
Exchange LA – Los Angeles
Crocker Club – Los Angeles
SPOT 5750 – Los Angeles
Vanguard – Los Angeles
Crimson / Opera – Los Angeles
Ecco Lounge – Los Angeles
Blue Velvet Lounge – Los Angeles
V2O Nightclub – Long Beach
Posch Restaurant and Lounge – Irvine
AVEC Nightclub – Huntington Beach
Heat Ultra Lounge – Anaheim
Detroit Bar – Costa Mesa
Belo – San Diego
On Broadway – San Diego
Decos – San Diego

March 3, 2012